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Good Things September 28, 2006

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In case it hasn’t been obvious from earlier posts, I am somewhat nouveau hippie. Birkenstocks and all. Pesticides, fuel used to truck produce all over the place, and generally bad tasting produce that has been picked early to survive a long trip all bother me.

Back in Boston, I tried to buy a lot of our produce at the Whole Foods. Now that we are in Washington, I have been shocked at how expensive the local grocery stores are–especially considering the overall low quality of their produce. So C and I have been hitting the Redmond Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to stock up on some good produce–organic and/or local. One of the farmers that we came across has a home delivery option–score! This was our second week trying it out.

Tiny’s offers several sizes of boxes and different proportions of fruits and veggies. So far, I am really liking it. The box arrives on Wednesday filled with goodness and they take the box away at the next delivery. Everything has been gorgeous looking and tasting so far (plums, pluots, peaches, nectarines, greens, beets, tomatoes, carrots, and more), and we are getting a much better variety of vegetables in our diets. It has cut down on our grocery store trips already. Good for us, good for the environment, good for Tiny, it’s all goodness. I think we will still go to the farmer’s market though to get some berries and flowers this week ($6 huge bouquets), and because it is a nice weekend ritual for me and little C.


Windows Live Writer–new and improved September 27, 2006

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Our team announced a new release of WLW today (see more info and download link on the team blog) with some new features, bug fixes, improved performance, etc. etc. Check it out, use it, send us feedback–we are very committed to figuring out and addressing user needs. We plan on having a pretty aggressive release schedule, so definitely let us know what you don’t like–and what you do.

A major feature of this release is a Writer plugin area on the Windows Live Gallery. These are all free plugins that you can use to enhance your WLW experience–submitted by both the team and other developers. If you have written a plugin, please do consider submitting it to the gallery!


Random Tuesday Thoughts September 26, 2006

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My commute (in my Earth friendly Prius) *should* take about 25 minutes. But recently it has been closer to 40. Yuck. And the major traffic all comes *before* I get to my coffee stop, so that isn’t helping.

Washington drivers are not as motivated as Boston drivers were–which can work in my favor if I am the only left turner hanging out in the intersection waiting for the light to turn red…but works against me when the cars in front of me take their own sweet time to start up when the light turns green. I remember the drive from the airport when we moved here, back in April–G was passing people left and right, swerving in and out of the carpool lane. "What are these people doing?!" he fumed. My answer? "The speed limit."

Long commute not quite as bad when old Cure is playing on KEXP. I saw the Cure in concert back in…1991 I think. Wow, am I dating myself? And next up on the playlist was a band with the very clever name "I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness". KEXP is kind of hit or miss but once it is past 9 am I cannot bear to listen to the call-in show on the NPR station, which seems to mostly focus on gardening.

Went to the Puyallup Fair this weekend with C, G, and G’s dad. There was a sheep riding event for the under six set. The program noted how fun it was to watch the wee ones "hold on for dear life". Hmmm. Needless to say, we did not try that event. Nor did C ride on the "Kiddie Whip". Seems like the rest of America has different ideas of fun from me. My idea of fun usually doesn’t involve making my small child cry or fear for her life. Weird, I know.

How could anyone make and sell elephant ears when they could be making and selling funnel cake?? I will never understand that. Back in MN they tried to pass off mini doughnuts as an acceptable alternative. I think not! Clearly these happy girls don’t know what they are missing.


Elephant ear      vs        Funnel cake

Other thoughts from the fair–I am not usually in a position to comment on anyone’s choice of dress. I mean, I wear clogs. But. Please. No matter how attractive your tramp stamp….pants should cover ass crack. They really should. That is the raison d’etre of pants. Especially if you are sitting with your back to me eating in the Pete’s BBQ shack. I can deal with some muffin top. But crack is right out. (For more information, you can visit Wikipedia, which helpfully points out that "A lower back tattoo is a tattoo placed in center of the human lower back." No information on what pigs, monkeys, and other non humans call their tattoos in the center of the lower back. Brands?)


Be Still My Heart.. September 22, 2006

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Scoble blogs about scrapbooking!

Sadly, the Scrapblog site impresses me neither as a blog nor as a scrapbook. Still in beta though so there is hope.


Coffee is for closers. September 18, 2006

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It’s the cold hard truth kids. So we are teaching C early.

Coffee is for closers–Click to listen


Love this cartoon September 14, 2006

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Especially when he hates Hummers! You can read it every week on Salon.com


First day of school September 13, 2006

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C’s first day of preschool…ready to go with her backpack and showing off her new haircut as well.

Looking at items in the science table at school: