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Anyone else see a contradiction here? October 30, 2006

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From an email today:

Clique News is light on fluff and heavy on exclusive sales, discounts, promotions, and special offers that are the crème de la crème of the scrapbooking industry. Each deal has a very short half-life and is available only to Clique News subscribers.

(Here’s my issue: sales, discounts, promotions and special offers…well that *IS* fluff.) Do you suppose they are counting the unsolicited DVD they mailed to my house and have been sending bills for ever since (which is against the law) in the fluff category then, or the creme de la creme category?


The NIMBY impulse

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There is a Catholic church in our neighborhood and a Tent City is going to be there from November – February. Every year. A group (70 – 80) of otherwise homeless people live in tents on the church grounds and are supplied with food and such by the parish and are free to come and go to work. Somehow our in-the-door notice was misplaced before I ever saw it, so we missed the neighborhood meeting. What I have found seems to flip between incendiary and totally positive or is just mostly out of date.

I have not been able to ascertain what kind of supervision the tent city has during the day and night–a sign in the neighborhood says no guards at all and the anti-tent city web site says there are arrests at every stop. What would happen if a tent city resident were sick or injured at night? The church website hints that there are protesters and picket lines, which is not really what I was hoping for in our neighborhood either.

The liberal in me says that a tent city is a good thing and protesters might be a "teachable moment" for C. The message of service to your fellow man and responsibility to others is one I agree with.

The early morning runner in me, which is the one that is out at 6:30 am alone running past the church, is a little bit nervous.


Wow. October 23, 2006

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Thoughts for the day October 20, 2006

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1. "All the smart people" is regularly touted as one of the great things about working at Microsoft. But how smart can these people be if they think that a Toyota Sequoia and Honda Odyssey qualify as "compact" cars?

2. Every year, we throw a big party for C’s birthday. Admittedly, they have been somewhat more for us than for C, as she was too little to really know what was going on. This year, for birthday 3, she knows. She has been singing "happy birthday to nobody" for weeks now in preparation. And we have a nice big party planned at a local park. Unfortunately, I remembered this morning that the other constant in her birthday celebrations has been freak bad weather–rainstorm the first year, and snowstorm the second. We did move from Boston to Seattle though; so if my friends back in Beantown are hit with a surprise hailstorm this Sunday; you know whom to blame.

3. C is starting her birthday celebrations today at preschool, where she gets to sit in the birthday chair and brings in a special snack. In the grips of a bout of working mother guilt, I spent 10  – 11:30 PM making Pumpkin Bran Cranberry muffins. Because…they are preschoolers, they eat this snack right before lunch, and I prefer my kid not to have sweets. G admitted to me this morning though that although he hadn’t wanted to say anything because I worked so hard…all the kids were really expecting store bought cookies for the treat. So we will eat lots of muffins over the next few days and the kids will get cookies today. I think C would have been fine with muffins, in fact she asked for one for breakfast. It appears that G and I are the ones susceptible to peer pressure.

4. It is incredibly dark at 6:30 am here, as there are hardly any streetlights. I can see just well enough to know where the curb is while running, but any approaching cars momentarily blind me and several times I have come close to running into a garbage can, sign, or other runner. Plus at intersections I cannot make the crucial eye contact with drivers that confirms we have both agreed that I am going to run in front of them. Thus, I am definitely looking forward to a few weeks of respite when daylight savings time ends.

5. I got carded last night buying a bottle of bourbon (for my father). At what age does getting carded stop being flattering? I’ll let you know when I get there 🙂

 6. I don’t want to jinx it, but I am on track to run four times this week. If you knew me as a kid, you would have never thought I would grow up to be someone who looks forward to regular runs. When I was home more, I would run with C in the jogging stroller (now that she sleeps on her own, on weekdays I run before she awakens). For her preschool sharing poster, she answered the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" with "a runner". A truly gratifying moment for me. In the weeks since, however, her answer has changed to "a party" suggesting that 1) she does not understand the question and 2) she is obsessed with her upcoming birthday (see note 2 above).


7 years ago… October 2, 2006

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I got up and ran alone for an hour, practicing my vows.

I pulled a total diva routine at the hairdresser when they screwed up the schedule and some of my bridesmaids hadn’t gotten manicures.

I was shoved into a jeep and driven down a dirt path so my parents and I could emerge from the woods for a walk down the aisle.

G cried a little during his vows.

We were tricked into doing some lame "looking down the river of our future" photos while the guests enjoyed our carefully selected hors d’oeuvres.

We did our first dance (based on our "Learn to Dance at your Wedding" class) with a grande finale move, and were quite surprised when the band kept going with another verse.

My brother did a very inebriated version of Jimi Hendrix with the band, followed up by our friend M’s amazing rendition of I Will Survive and a beach music guitar solo.

We reached our hotel–an hour drive away by a limo that had left–still in our wedding clothes, to discover that our reservation was not in their computers.

7 years….1 apartment, 2 condos, and 1 house…2 states…4 jobs (me) and 2 jobs (G)…1 great kid…some new friends, some old friends…2 cats down….1 apartment break in, 2 cars stolen (well, same car twice), 1 awful, completely insane neighbor…Tahiti, Caribbean boat trips, Paris, Alaska….lots of funny memories, lots of good memories, some bad memories….did I mention the great kid?…

It has been a great ride and I would do it all over again. Love you G!