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Serious runner–then and now January 14, 2007

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Although I don’t run a lot anymore, in my head I still define myself as a runner. I have never been fast. But I can be dedicated. Back in the day (Before C) that meant 4 hour runs by myself often without even music. Taking a day off of work to get in a long run before a weekend out of town. Getting up at 4 am to get in a run before an early flight. I almost always bring running shoes on vacation, just in case. Keep an old pair in Cleveland so I can run at my parents’ (and did run three times over our week there at Christmas). Speedwork at the gym. Heart rate monitors. The whole deal. Ran two marathons (have I mentioned that before?) Ran until my 32nd week of pregnancy.

Now, with a kid…time is at a premium. So when I get the chance I need to get than run in. I was excited to move to Seattle–running in the rain is fine, it was always the snow in Boston that screwed me up, especially with the jogging stroller. And then–20 degree temperatures, freezing rain, roads coated in ice, DOT warnings not to go out on the roads.

Yep, I ran on Saturday. 25 degrees. Icy. Wearing ice joggers over my shoes. My standard 45 minute route. Woohoo!


My second favorite NPR show January 10, 2007

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First of course is This American Life. But I quite like Marketplace as well–interesting opinions, stories, and sly humor. Yesterday had a comic skit about Morrissey writing an anthem for Britain; I think this group got it exactly right: See the story at Marketplace. The lyrics are funny on their own but you must listen to the singing to get the full Smiths effect. (Note: listening requires Real Audio)


I’m back January 8, 2007

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Went to the gym yesterday, after several weeks of not lifting weights (power outage prevented gym visit, then two weekends out of town for the holidays, then a week on my own with C waking up at 5 am which crimped my at-home stop-gap weightlifting routine). I have noticed that after a short break like this–one in which I had continued to run, not a total slacker–I can actually still lift the same poundage and do basically the same number of reps.

But the pain afterwards is mighty. Woke up this AM and could hardly get out of bed. Back sore, abs sore, ugh. Such is life though, that is the payment for skipping those weekends. I am glad to be back in the gym though!

Now just have to figure out a way to start going to the gym 2x a week, and I will be all set.