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My 15 minutes start now…. February 20, 2007

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Some layouts that I did with some super funked out papers from Bam Pop! were accepted to their online gallery. Check me out!

Link to Bam Pop! Gallery


Hey, I resemble that remark February 9, 2007

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From NPR last night, regarding the new 0.0% financing offered by Toyota on new Priuses: "No longer just appealing to tree-hugging, latte sipping coasters."


Well, I drink cappuccino, so there.


I know you all need the comment spot… February 8, 2007

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to wish me a happy birthday. Go right ahead.

Never really got around to finalizing my New Year’s resolutions, so how about some birthday resolutions?

1. Read more books. In my past, I was a total reader–as in, I can recall my parents actually *forbidding* me to go to the library as a punishment. I am one of those people who prefers to find the answer in a book–so my personal library has a large section for each passing interest (cooking, running, weight lifting, software development, big ole philosophy section from grad school, scrapbooking, etc.) And, I was an avid fiction reader as well. Since moving and returning to work full time, I had totally slacked on reading, and I missed it. So, recommitting myself to reading. So far this year, finished Prep (started before the new year though), The Historian, and On the Occasion of my Last Afternoon. In non-fiction, reading The Successful Child and Understanding Exposure. In the queue: The Big Over Easy, Case Histories, and anything that might be coming for my birthday. Did I mention that it is my birthday?

2. Take better pictures. My photography has improved many-fold in the past year since 1) upgrading my camera, 2) taking a lot more pictures, and 3) paying attention to what I am doing. This year, the journey will continue–with the purchase of a brand spanking new Nikon D80 (happy birthday to me….) and continued devotion to getting better (see, Understanding Exposure in (1) above). Manual settings, here I come!

3. More patient with C. C is getting to that stage where she puts her foot down (literally), yells, asks "why?" all the time, insists she isn’t tired and gets out of bed, etc. etc. Actually, about 95% of the time she is a totally awesome, charming, interesting little kid. And that other 5% is normal and expected. Yet it *gets on my nerves*. So, I am working on being more patient on the days when she doesn’t want to take a nap or does other assorted preschooler stuff (see, The Successful Child (1) above).

After that, there is a whole slew of things I would like to be better about–run more, go to the gym during the week (ha ha), cook more with Charlotte, make my own bread, be less crabby (I can hear G voting for this one).

Except for the new camera, this birthday is pretty low key. G is out of town, today is a work day, etc. So I will instead recall fondly my best birthday present ever–the year I turned 29 and had a positive pregnancy test that turned out to be C. Can still remember going out to dinner with G that night and *not* getting a glass of wine and feeling like the whole world was smiling on me. Tonight, C and I will share a piece of cake and I will be so happy to be celebrating another year.