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All that effort, and nary a bubble to show for it May 31, 2007

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Oh wait! Up in her hair–yep, that is ONE bubble.


Well, lookee here May 30, 2007

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Take that naysayers: brand new Windows Live Writer Beta shipped today!

Read all the official stuff here: Windows Live Writer blog

Lots of cool new features–inline spell checking, paste special, linking to a previous post, synchronization between posts from WLW and posts from web UIs, and more.

Some big company (coughcoughMicrosoftcoughcough) features too, like a sexy new look, localized versions for several markets, and accessibility modifications.

Go–download it now and give it a try. And let us know what you think–our team takes every comment to heart. We want to deliver a blogging tool that bloggers really like.  


Working on it…. May 21, 2007

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Goal: Read more; Action to date: joined book club. Read assigned book every month. Read at least one more book each month too.

Goal: Better at photography; Action to date: got lots of new photography equipment (heh, heh–not sure that really counts). Read a bunch of photography books (Bryan Peterson and Freeman Patterson mostly). Signed up for online photography class and actually completing the assignments. Indoor natural light photos very hard for working mother in rainy, dreary PNW!

Goal: Run better; Action to date: removed walking minute from middle of all runs. Changed one day per week to be interval running workout. One day per week is longer run. Mentally decided to run the Fall City Days 10k–need to send in my $$ now. 

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Another lovely weekend…NOT May 18, 2007

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Exactly how I feel about my Toyota May 15, 2007

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Countdown to Sunday May 11, 2007

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Wednesday, the second the door opens as I arrive home from work, C came running over. "Mommy! Mommy! There are so many presents for you for Mother’s day! And they are all hidden under my bed!" I hear the nanny burst out laughing. "C! That is supposed to be a surprise!’

Thursday, going upstairs to put C to bed. We walk into my bathroom. C opens the closet door and comes out…with a present. "Look Mommy! It is a special surprise for you! It is a present!" I remind C that it is a surprise and she puts it back (under her bed of course). Later G tells me that C had walked all around, finding the perfect hiding spot "where Mommy won’t find it" for that present earlier.

Thursday night, as C is in bed. Me: "What do you think Daddy will do at preschool tomorrow?" C: "He will be at the art table. He will help all of use make presents for our mommies!" She actually said the craft name, but I didn’t catch it.

Can’t wait for Sunday! Brunch at a favorite place (Oriel Cafe) and apparently some awesome presents. That is, if C can hold out that long.