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You, Sir, are no Kevin Bacon August 24, 2007

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Can you believe this sacrilege? *Remaking* Footloose? Please, at least leave Dirty Dancing and Say Anything alone. Let a few shreds of my formative years remain unsullied.


Random: Playing Catch Up August 15, 2007

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1. I guess C should thank her lucky stars that she wasn’t named "XP": Meet Baby Vista. G always argued for "Truck Driver" as a boy’s name, but I *think* he was just kidding.

2. Seen on a bumper sticker this am: "Republicans for Voldemort". I have always resisted bumper stickers, not being able to think of something that I want to proclaim represents me for a long time. Same thing for tattoos. I guess other people don’t have that problem. Witness my brother’s scooby doo tattoo.

3. C is a computer scientist at heart. Her instructions for playing catch with the sun: First, you get the sun. Then you throw it in the air. Then you run and run and run and catch it. Simple. To the point. Unconcerned with implementation details.

4. While in Vancouver, we ate at Cioppino’s–great food (warning: priced accordingly) and they were friendly to almost 4 year old C, even inviting her back into the kitchen after dinner to meet the pastry chef and make her own sundae. She was so proud! (I have to admit, I suspected they would ask her, having read up on well behaved kid friendly gourmet restaurants in Vancouver on eGullet forums.)

5. My take on Ratatouille: Loved it! G’s take: Did you see the animation? The way the light reflected perfectly off each shard of broken glass? How the quality of the light on the weathervane changed based on the time of day? C’s take: Next I want to see Catatouille, about a cat who thinks it is a ballet dancer.

6. Recent read: Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Pretty darn good, although I had overly high expectations–took me two starts to really get into it. Perhaps just burned out on books about high school girls? Got almost unbelievable at the end, and then followed through on it so well that it was believable again. Recommended.

7. Funniest This American Life episodes (so far, counting backwards–I am almost through 1998, have ’97 and ’96 left to explore): Act 5 of this one (love David Sedaris) and Act 2 of this one (perhaps funniest to those will little kids).

8. I forget what 8 was for.

9. Best blog to make you feel guilty about electricity, driving, and individual food containers (but is also really really good): No Impact Man.

10.  My understanding of a four way stop sign was that you 1) go in the order you arrived or if arrive at the same time, then 2) person to the right has RoW. But, if I am going straight, the person opposite me is free to go as well. So, in each "turn", two cars can go. But here in WA, no one drives that way. Instead, each car takes a separate turn. I go, then car to the right, etc. What a waste!


Artful Blogging August 1, 2007

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In a kinda weird new media/old media twist, Stampington & Co., known mostly (to me at least) for its crafty mags, is releasing a print magazine about…crafty bloggers.

Everyone’s favorite inspirational sewing blogger is in there (Posie Gets Cozy), funky French scrapper Celine Navarro/the Green Frog Studio and the originator of the Poppet Claudine Hellmuth.

Of course, reading their blogs is free; buying the magazine is 14.95.