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Cutest darn lion ballerina you’ve ever seen October 31, 2007

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Costume of her choosing. Did not see any other lion ballerinas out there tonight. Credit to Target for the lion vest/hood combo, Gymboree for the tutu skirt, and G for the face painting. She lasted much longer trick or treating this year than last, although still wouldn’t approach the house in our cul de sac with the taped moaning and person hiding in the bushes (not that I blame her). She happily handed out candy to the rest of our trick or treaters (reminding them to say thank you) and passed out in a sugar fueled daze before her goodnight songs were even finished. [Sorry for the poor photo styling and quality, just the built in flash.]


We are having a *GIRL* October 30, 2007

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So I probably cannot name her Dwight. But, we can take a nice little vacation over to Schrute Farms:

Schrute Farms is the number one beet-related agrotourism destination in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer the finest accommodations for the casual traveler and/or beet enthusiast.

So many satisfied visitors!


A level of excitement that I guess I am just not missing in my life. October 22, 2007

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I am more of a, shall we say, "ground dweller".


What I have been… October 11, 2007

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Calculating: Due date for the bean. My original guess from online calculators was April 1. The midwife’s little circle chart gave up April 4. The ultrasound tech calculated April 3, but after the ultrasound revised it to March 27(!!). Today, the midwife and I agreed that that is way too early and compromised on…April 1. And that’s no joke.

Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Picked this one up at a bargain price at Powell’s a few months back, but needed to find a time to fit in its massive thousand pages. Turns out my copy was so cheap because about 30 pages towards the back were cut wrong, with the bottom 3/4 inch or so of the pages missing. I thought about getting it from the library, but put it off and put it off, and then couldn’t wait once I got to that part so just read right through it. Luckily, there are a lot of footnotes, so even missing the last few lines of each page the story was easy to follow. Very creative, good writing, interesting historical (if not factual) tidbits, overall really liked it. At 1k pages though it takes some commitment!

Craving: Soup. I hated soup as a kid (I also didn’t like pizza or potato chips. Just an barely interesting fact about me). My kindergarten class once went to the Cleveland West Side Market to buy soup ingredients, prepared them, and then ate soup as an activity. I ate Ritz crackers with peanut butter. Anyway, in college when I started cooking more, I came to discover that soup is one of life’s joys. My absolute favorite is probably a tie between three bean curry soup from this cookbook and the pumpkin soup from Au Bon Pain, which sadly is not to be found in the state of Washington.

Missing: Sushi and margaritas. You just can’t eat a whole meal of california rolls, it isn’t the same. And does anyone really bother with the plain cucumber roll? Lunchmeat-yuck. Chevre–love it, but am fine eating other cheeses instead. But I miss my sushi. Margaritas I assume require no explanation.

Buying: New water bottles from Sigg. I know the jury is still out phthalates but why risk it? I use a reusable water container every day at work and ditched my Nalgene for a happy looking, lightweight Sigg. And ordered some more for C and G in anticipation of our Disney trip. If you too have admitted the evils of bottled water, consider the Sigg (also available at WholeFoods).

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for: 18-200 VR blah blah blah Nikon lens. I love this lens–and G broke it on our first day of vacation wayyyyy back in August. Badly. By accident, of course. At that price point I wasn’t running out to buy another one and instead it was shipped off to Nikon for repair. It had better get here before we leave for Disney!

Pondering: The inclusion of belts at maternity stores. If you don’t have a waist, what do you need a belt for?


Mind has been elsewhere October 1, 2007

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Cutting back on my runs. Napping more. No longer wanting cooked greens, cappuccino, or junior mints. Suddenly insisting that we must find a restaurant serving lasagna. Getting out the fat pants. Ordering new yoga DVDs. Smiling, and smiling, and smiling.

Introducing: The Bean. Arriving this spring.