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3 November 5, 2007

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3 things I don’t understand:
1. Why do maternity shops also sell belts?
2. Why do all the natural toy catalogs feature fairies so heavily? (Actually, I think I know at least part of the reason for this–Waldorf beginnings for some of these catalogs, but haven’t researched into why Waldorf feels the need to promote fairies so heavily)
3. Teenagers with concert Ts and mohawks…hanging out at Disneyland. Seems like a lot of money to be ironic. Or do they really enjoy Disney?

3 funny things C has said recently:
1. After weeks of looking forward to her fourth birthday, the very next day she said: "Mommy, I am almost 5!"
2.  When asked which ride was her favorite at Disneyland: "The rides that stayed down." (She does not like to go up…pretty much limits the rides she will go on!)
3. Her convoluted explanations for not eating certain foods: "I do not have to do things that I do not want to have to do."

3 reasons G is a great dad:
1. "Your leggies are tired? Let me pick you up for a horsey ride!" (Said to C, not me of course. And then he carried her all over Disney on his shoulders.)
2. Excitedly suggested outfit options at Build A Bear.
3. Makes paper animals with C for hours after school each day.

3 things I would do differently if we go to Disneyland again:
1. Make reservations for lunch and dinner each day well in advance.
2. Wait until youngest kid is older than C was–most of the rides did not appeal to her, and even some of the shows were too scary.
3. Smaller camera bag.

3 recent cool things:
1. C painted her name on a box this weekend.
2. Chic maternity top marked down at babystyle from $185 to $39.99.
3. Fab new wine bar that is 10 minutes from our house (well, by car), has awesome yet cheap food, and is kid friendly: Brix


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