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Halfway November 12, 2007

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 4:32 pm

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks! Of course, the first 20 weeks includes those two weeks where you aren’t actually pregnant, another few weeks where you don’t know you are, and many weeks where you don’t look it anyway. So it might be considered the easier half. Whatever.

When I was pregnant with C we went to Paris around 16 weeks (who knew we would be babymoon trendsetters?) and Cleveland around 6 months.

This time, we went to Disneyland around 16 weeks…and will be going to Cleveland around 6 months. Because why *wouldn’t* you want to fly at 6 months pregnant, with a 4 year old, around the holidays…on a five hour red eye flight? Good times!

Pregnancy has definitely been more eventful this time around…ER trip, subchorionic hematoma, few days of bedrest and no vigorous exercise for several weeks, and now a parvovirus scare (still awaiting the blood test results on that one). Due to the location of the placenta, I also can’t feel the Bean moving as much as I could when pregnant with C. I miss having that regular reassurance that all is ok. My third ultrasound is in 8 days…been holding back a little bit on seriously considering names until we get that extra proof that the complications have resolved.

Otherwise, all is well. My only serious gripe is with maternity clothes makers–where are the exercise clothes for pregnant ladies?? Pregnant with C I was able to find maternity running shorts, with a nice, um, belly harness inside which enabled me to run until 32 weeks (hey, cut me some slack, we can’t all be like crazy Paula Radcliffe). This time, the "activewear" sections of maternity web sites seem to consist of "lounge pants" and velour hoodie/pant combos. Lounging != active. Sweaty velour just sounds awful. Newsflash–pregnant women exercise, or at least we are supposed to.

Today I am taking the day off exercise-wise, because after three weeks of no exercise, pilates on Friday, power-walking on Saturday (don’t laugh, I am already ashamed enough), weights at the gym on Sunday, and the beginnings of a cold…well, let’s just say today is more one of those "active lounging" type of days. 


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