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A Short Etiquette Lesson December 20, 2007

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If you ask a pregnant woman when she is due and she says "April 1". Do not, I repeat, do NOT say:

You’re kidding? Three more months? You look ready to go now!

Because she really won’t appreciate it.


Calling off the Study December 19, 2007

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Hypothesis: A piece of fruit is adequate "cushion" for an AM prenatal vitamin.

Subject: Me

Variables: Type of fruit (tested orange and banana), type of vitamin (tested cheap single dose random grocery store prenatal, and huge two pill dose health food store prenatal).

Conclusion: Due to overwhelming evidence, the researchers are concluding that one piece of fruit is NOT adequate cushioning and will be suspending the study to prevent further unhappiness to our subject.



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When I was a kid, I remember hearing a theory that everyone has someone who looks exactly like them in the world. Well, here is C’s double:

Sadly from an advertisement that goes against every belief I have (http://www.api.org/aboutapi/ads/upload/API-TAXES-REV-5-15-07.pdf).

Seriously though, if I wasn’t positive that she never had this outfit I could swear this was our little C.


Happy Birthday Blogging! December 18, 2007

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From Marketplace yesterday:

The blog is celebrating an anniversary today. Ten years ago a guy named Jorn Barger coined the term "weblog" to describe his website Robot Wisdom. It was shortened to "blog" two years later by somebody else.

Back then only about 23 websites were properly considered blogs. These days, whether you write them or read them, blogs are a pretty common pursuit.

Estimates are that 120,000 new ones are created everyday. No word, though, on how many are actually read.


On Fire! December 6, 2007

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I am sometimes a little bit competitive. No takers on my challenge thus far, although I see that the link to the test was broken–it has now been fixed. And the ante has been upped.



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I would not recommend buying Omega-3 fatty acid enhanced peanut butter. I am not sure why we did. A peanut butter sandwich that tastes vaguely of fish is NOT a good thing.

C has a "holiday store" at her school run by the fourth graders. I wrote down a list of people and budgeted dollar amounts, and one of the older students helped C pick out gifts for family members. The gifts are all in bags with a name on the outside, so I don’t know what she picked out yet. However, I am interested to see who got the $0.35 item (a receipt with dollar amounts but no description came home with her). And I also didn’t expect that she would return with an extra gift marked "From: myself To: myself". Buying things for yourself is not quite the holiday lesson I was hoping to impart.

That said, my new standing mixer arrived yesterday and I *cannot wait* to make some cookies this weekend with C without getting carpal tunnel stirring not quite softened enough butter.

G and I has an actual date night on Saturday. Earlier in the day, we had been out with C and listening to her Ralph’s World CD. When we got in the car after dinner, the CD came on. Which means that we had listened to it on the 10 minute drive from home to dinner without noticing and putting on adult music. Sad, but true.

How to tell a children’s rock concert from a regular rock concert (for example, the Ralph’s World concert which C and I attended a few weeks ago).

  1. Children’s concert starts at 11 am, not 11 pm.
  2. No swearing by band, nor audience.
  3. Refreshments are juice boxes and granola bars (for the kids) and coffee (for the parents).
  4. Concert T shirts available in much smaller sizes.
  5. Lead singer makes himself available in the lobby afterward for photos and autographs.

Progress to date on Holiday To-Do list from earlier post: Tree is purchased and set up, although not yet decorated (G decided we should be more environmentally responsible and purchased a used, fake tree this year). Baked cookies with C, although none from the original list (Chocolate thumbprints and chocolate macaroons) and would still like to do more. Started Christmas shopping. C has been to visit Santa. This weekend, we will knock off Nutcracker, crafting fair, Snowflake Lane and Garden d’Light, hopefully decorating tree, and probably gift shopping, cookie baking and/or craft doing.

So far the Bean seems to most enjoy the John in the Morning show on KEXP and listening to me read Harry Potter out loud at night to G. I like her already 🙂