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Just a fun one for today March 27, 2008

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Where the time goes March 24, 2008

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Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks along, and have *no* signs of any impending baby yet. Perhaps she knows that I still have a ton of filing/tax organizing to do that I have been putting off? Luckily, life seems to offer many ways to speed the time along:

20 minutes/day: Answer questions from strangers in restroom/hallway/etc about how very soon I am due
10 minutes/day: Respond to emails asking whether the baby is here yet
5 minutes/day: Decide which of the two pairs of pants and three shirts that even attempt to cover the "bump" will get worn today
5 minutes/day: Attempt to fend off tickling attempts from C
15 minutes/day: Give in to tickling attempts, fake laughter, say how happy the baby is
5 minutes 10+ times/day: Bathroom trips (office is farthest possible from ladies room)
8 seconds 10+ times/day: Hike up pants, readjust shirt
15 minutes/day: Practice contractions with G as coach (holding bag of ice for 1 minute on/two minutes off–I am totally ready for the first five contractions of labor!)
20 minutes/day: surf pregnancy websites for positive birth stories and assurances that every day women with no signs of labor go into labor the next day
30 minutes/day: watch stomach in amazement with G as obvious feet move under the surface, tummy takes on strange unbalanced rectangle shapes, and share the joy of a good kick in the ribs from the inside
5 minutes 4 times/week: reset alarm as too tired to get up and exercise
30-60 minutes 3 times/week: exercise
10 minutes/day: convince self that random sensation is a sign of impending labor
7-8 hrs/day: sleep (and sleep I do…very very hard to get up in the mornings these days)

The rest of the time is spent working and eating, tilted more towards working on the weekdays (of course).


OMG the Coreys are back! March 13, 2008

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Thank goodness for the web, as I don’t watch MTV or go to movies very often to see trailers. Warning kids: this one is R for "strong vampire violence".

Please, I just don’t want to see the sequel to License to Drive with the Coreys’ offspring.


Fully cooked…and turning the corner March 11, 2008

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37 weeks today! That means that the Bean is fully grown and "allowed" to arrive at any time. However, as I have been sick for the past *11* days I am hoping she waits another week or so. I am feeling better today though and am even going to try sleeping without the cough syrup with codeine tonight. Life on the edge, I know.

So, the due date is April 1. C arrived 2 days after her due date. Anyone want to hazard a guess when this one will arrive? Or how big? C was just 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20.5 inches…but remember, I was a whopping 9 lbs. 13 oz. when I was born….


Last Weekend vs. This Weekend March 3, 2008

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Last Weekend This Weekend
Saturday morning: gym (me)/playroom (C), bookstore, shopping Saturday morning: Wake up feeling horrible. Entire body hurts. Call gym to cancel playroom reservation. Sleep on couch while C watches "Little Mermaid"
Saturday afternoon: Sitter watches C as we meet with doula to practice hypnosis for birth and go to Babies R Us to buy carseat. Saturday afternoon: Get C to nap. Also nap.
Saturday night: Out to fancy dinner at Cascadia and movie theater to see Atonement. Saturday night: Sleep.
Sunday morning: Downtown for maternity/family photoshoot with cool photographer. Sunday morning: Entire body no longer hurts, just incredible pounding in head. Sit at local playground while C does "projects."
Sunday afternoon: Surprise baby shower! Tea party with lovely gifts! Sunday afternoon: Get C to nap (note: have not achieved double weekend nap in months, consider purchasing lottery ticket). Also nap.

Tomorrow is the 36 week mark…and G is leaving for a five day business trip. MUST BE BETTER BY TOMORROW! Good news is that the Bean has been swimming and kicking and in general staying quite active, so I am not too worried about her.

Next weekend is another busy one, with G returning home, another doula meeting, a birthday party, and seeing our maternity/family photos. I have seen one sneak peak though! *Someone* likes to steal the spotlight 😉