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Last Weekend vs. This Weekend March 3, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:27 am
Last Weekend This Weekend
Saturday morning: gym (me)/playroom (C), bookstore, shopping Saturday morning: Wake up feeling horrible. Entire body hurts. Call gym to cancel playroom reservation. Sleep on couch while C watches "Little Mermaid"
Saturday afternoon: Sitter watches C as we meet with doula to practice hypnosis for birth and go to Babies R Us to buy carseat. Saturday afternoon: Get C to nap. Also nap.
Saturday night: Out to fancy dinner at Cascadia and movie theater to see Atonement. Saturday night: Sleep.
Sunday morning: Downtown for maternity/family photoshoot with cool photographer. Sunday morning: Entire body no longer hurts, just incredible pounding in head. Sit at local playground while C does "projects."
Sunday afternoon: Surprise baby shower! Tea party with lovely gifts! Sunday afternoon: Get C to nap (note: have not achieved double weekend nap in months, consider purchasing lottery ticket). Also nap.

Tomorrow is the 36 week mark…and G is leaving for a five day business trip. MUST BE BETTER BY TOMORROW! Good news is that the Bean has been swimming and kicking and in general staying quite active, so I am not too worried about her.

Next weekend is another busy one, with G returning home, another doula meeting, a birthday party, and seeing our maternity/family photos. I have seen one sneak peak though! *Someone* likes to steal the spotlight 😉


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