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Where the time goes March 24, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 2:25 pm

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks along, and have *no* signs of any impending baby yet. Perhaps she knows that I still have a ton of filing/tax organizing to do that I have been putting off? Luckily, life seems to offer many ways to speed the time along:

20 minutes/day: Answer questions from strangers in restroom/hallway/etc about how very soon I am due
10 minutes/day: Respond to emails asking whether the baby is here yet
5 minutes/day: Decide which of the two pairs of pants and three shirts that even attempt to cover the "bump" will get worn today
5 minutes/day: Attempt to fend off tickling attempts from C
15 minutes/day: Give in to tickling attempts, fake laughter, say how happy the baby is
5 minutes 10+ times/day: Bathroom trips (office is farthest possible from ladies room)
8 seconds 10+ times/day: Hike up pants, readjust shirt
15 minutes/day: Practice contractions with G as coach (holding bag of ice for 1 minute on/two minutes off–I am totally ready for the first five contractions of labor!)
20 minutes/day: surf pregnancy websites for positive birth stories and assurances that every day women with no signs of labor go into labor the next day
30 minutes/day: watch stomach in amazement with G as obvious feet move under the surface, tummy takes on strange unbalanced rectangle shapes, and share the joy of a good kick in the ribs from the inside
5 minutes 4 times/week: reset alarm as too tired to get up and exercise
30-60 minutes 3 times/week: exercise
10 minutes/day: convince self that random sensation is a sign of impending labor
7-8 hrs/day: sleep (and sleep I do…very very hard to get up in the mornings these days)

The rest of the time is spent working and eating, tilted more towards working on the weekdays (of course).


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