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Two Weeks April 22, 2008

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  • Grammy and Grampy left on Saturday, so we have been braving it on our own since then
  • M spits up *a lot* more than C ever did. Now I understand how babies mean more laundry–she goes through her entire wardrobe every 36 hours or so
  • But other than that, M is a great eater and sleeper–even a few 3-4 hour stretches. Of course, it is early days yet.
  • M has been to Borders, Gymboree (nothing like $50 of expiring gymbucks to get me out the door), Safeway, the pediatrician, the midwife, McDonald’s, C’s preschool, the photographer, our development playground, and out to eat in Seattle (she slept in her carseat through the entire meal and even the drive home).
  • She loves a good swaddle, and luckily G is the king swaddler, with a tricky two blanket method
  • M is incredibly strong and already has amazing head control. She can get out of a single blanket swaddle in seconds (but see above). Even the pediatrician said that she sees two month olds who can’t lift their heads as well.
  • We think there may be some smiles already.
  • Cord finally fell off today
  • We are all in love with her–C asks to hold her constantly and then coos "Oh my sweet honey baby, I love you so much."
  • She makes lots of funny faces and grunty noises.
  • She slept best in Grammy’s arms, but G is kind of excited that he finally gets to hold her sometimes now 😉

Some other pictures:



3 Responses to “Two Weeks”

  1. Susan Says:

    I\’ve been meaning to contact you in a more appropriate way than this for weeks now, but since I\’ve been entertaining parents and in-laws and never got around to doing it properly, I\’ll do it here.  Congratulations to you – "M" is such a beautiful baby.  She looks so much like her sister.  Best wishes to you all.

  2. Susan Says:

    That comment above would be from me, Suzy.  Barry sends his love, too.I will, one day, learn to comment properly here!

  3. Susan Says:

    Sheesh… the comments BELOW are mine.  Sorry.Suzy

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