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The Elephant in the Room April 1, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 3:35 pm

You know….me 😉

Yes, today is the due date. Nope, no signs of any action. No progress to report, no news I have been holding back on, no one I forgot to call or anything.

No special plans, despite the checkout person at Michael’s who asked "so….are you going for the C-section or the induction?" Um, I will just wait for labor to start. (Although I have gone for walks, eaten pineapple and spicy food, and try to hit all the speed bumps I can.)

Not really thinking the baby is going to be gigantic, despite the woman who rushed over to me in the cafeteria while I was *just standing there* and asked if I was going to pass out, and then said "Well, I know what it’s like to carry a 10 lbs. baby."

Planning on showing up at work each day, although I seem to be making some co-workers very, very nervous.

We do know for sure that this one will be an April baby. The midwife predicts 2 – 3 days past due date (giving me, G, and C time to recover from the various colds we have all suffered in the past week), so feel free to keep checking here for updates!