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Baby Pic Fix May 18, 2008

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First tub bath.

Awesome baby chub.

Self portrait at park, while M demonstrates the fencer’s pose reflex.

So so little.

Love those tiny baby toes.


Well, that was a frustrating exercise in pointlessness

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You may recall I mentioned relearning knitting. I haven’t knit since an ill-advised scarf which I started in grad school. I opted to not use a pattern, just cast on a bunch of stitches and start.

For a scarf, you don’t really need a bunch of stitches. My "scarf" was about 2 feet wide, and would never fit around anyone’s neck. I went through ball after ball of yarn, and it barely grew. Finally, I gave up on it.

But knitting is a good nursing activity–easy to pick up and put down, and minimal setup or cleanup. So I happily bought the "One Skein Wonders" kit at Borders–book about things to knit with one skein of yarn, plus a skein and some knitting needles, all for one low low price. I picked a scarf, and I was off.

One skein wonders all right. One skein I wonder where the (*&@(#$& the rest of my scarf is supposed to be.

Anyone need a foot long narrow blanket?


More from C May 15, 2008

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C: "You looked the same when you picked me up from school today as you did yesterday."

Me: "Yeah, I look pretty much the same every day."

C: "You could wear some makeup."

Me: (stunned silence)

C: "Or a mask!"


Me: "I have a couple of pretty girls."

C: "You have 2 girls."

Me: "Yes, a couple is 2."

C: "What if you had 10 kids?"

Me: "That would be many, many kids. I think we will just have two kids."

C: "How about three?"

Me: "No, just two."

C: "We can have another baby if I want one!"

Me: "No, probably not. Besides M is still just a tiny baby."

C: "But mommy, I have extra love!"


Calls the day after tomorrow "tomorrow tomorrow" as in "Tomorrow tomorrow is X’s birthday party and I am going to be so excited that I will run up and down the halls!"



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1. Hearing "She is so big!" (or worse, "He is so big!") gets old fast; hearing "She is so beautiful" never does.

2. If you are behind on the baby’s laundry, she will spit up on her clothes. If you are behind on your laundry, she will spit up on you. If you are caught up on laundry, she will spit up such that it runs into her hair.

3. Nails that seem too soft to file and too short to cut can leave quite an angry looking scratch on the face.

4. It is possible to get cradle cap on eyebrows–even eyebrows that are basically invisible to the human eye.

5. The day you decide you really will sleep when the baby sleeps is the day the baby sleeps in 20 minute increments only.

6. The new math: 4 hours sleep + 2 hours sleep + 1 hours sleep is not equal to 7 hours sleep.

7. Newborn acne gets progressively better for the several days leading up to a visit/outing will get worse again that day.


The Divine Miss M May 12, 2008

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Had her one month check up today.

Weight: 10 lbs 14.5 oz (76%)

Height: 23 1/4 inches (96%)–?? this has got to be wrong! How could she grow 2.5 inches in a month?

Overall healthy, and a "good gainer" so I can just be thankful for our 4 – 7 hour stretch of sleep each night 🙂


Guess who? May 10, 2008

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Smiles for her mommy?

Can totally pull off the fauxhawk?

Supports Baby Power?

Has tiny, cute baby feet?


Would so rather be nursing than watching me blog?


Almost one month May 7, 2008

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The time is flying by. Little M has a bit of a cold right now, poor kid. I was going to do a post on my average day…but realized that would be the most boring post ever. Even more boring than my normal posts.

Since I am me, I had a whole list of goals for my so-called "time off"–start shooting in RAW, learn Lightroom, get better with Photoshop, re-learn to sew and knit, get C on a better schedule, start cooking more, etc. etc. And of course, every day keep the baby healthy, happy, and secure.

So far…I have started knitting a scarf and playing with some Photoshop actions that I bought an embarrassingly long time ago:

My images are so all going to be vignetted going forward.

Oh, and we started putting C to bed an hour earlier (possible because we are able to eat dinner an hour earlier) and she still sleeps until the same time in the morning. A whole new hour at night!

Other than that, pretty much just keeping the baby healthy, happy, and secure. Except for that cold. Damn. I have been keeping up the laundry at least–no small task with a super spitter up kiddo, and cloth diapering!

C continues to crack us up:

Example 1: "Daddy! You forgot that I don’t like turkey. Well, I like the turkey that comes from a pig, just not the turkey that comes from a turkey."

Example 2: *warning: do not read this one if you/your wife have not already given birth, as it exposes truths that you need not know about before then* She likes to grab my post baby tummy and squeal "Oh, I love this chubby tummy! It is so chubby and cute! I just love this tummy! Are you pregnant mommy? [pauses] I am just kidding!" [This one cracks me up on the days it doesn’t make me burst into tears, but G sure thinks it is funny.]