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More from C May 15, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 2:12 pm

C: "You looked the same when you picked me up from school today as you did yesterday."

Me: "Yeah, I look pretty much the same every day."

C: "You could wear some makeup."

Me: (stunned silence)

C: "Or a mask!"


Me: "I have a couple of pretty girls."

C: "You have 2 girls."

Me: "Yes, a couple is 2."

C: "What if you had 10 kids?"

Me: "That would be many, many kids. I think we will just have two kids."

C: "How about three?"

Me: "No, just two."

C: "We can have another baby if I want one!"

Me: "No, probably not. Besides M is still just a tiny baby."

C: "But mommy, I have extra love!"


Calls the day after tomorrow "tomorrow tomorrow" as in "Tomorrow tomorrow is X’s birthday party and I am going to be so excited that I will run up and down the halls!"


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