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Time flies June 8, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:13 pm

Guess who turned two months old today?

At two months, she:

1. sleeps a 7 – 9 hour stretch every night (knock wood)

2. smiles, smirks, grins, and squeals with delight—sometimes for us, but mostly for the bears on her pack n play mobile

3. is pretty sure she hates baths, and isn’t afraid to let you know it

4. has been transitioning into 3-6 month size clothes (chubby arms eliminated half of the the 0-3 month stuff, and cloth diapers help take care of the rest!)

5. has met all of her grandparents and video conferenced with her uncle

6. has been to the zoo, the arboretum, Seattle Children’s Theater, several restaurants, multiple playgrounds, and the library—and slept through at least part of all of them

7. weighs an unspecified amount over 11 lbs. 8 oz—we get the official weight this week. That, and shots 😦

8. still spits up a lot, but otherwise is an amazingly easy going, mellow little kid


9. has some seriously pinchable cheeks!

10. has amazingly dark blue eyes

11. is just about over the “baby acne” that is one of the reasons for not so many pictures recently


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