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Finally, the nice weather has arrived! June 14, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:37 pm

What I like—60s/low 70s, not too sunny.

What else I like—that little munchkin, elf, peanut face!

Big sis—kissing little M’s toes 🙂 C always wants to hold the baby, hug the baby, tickle the baby, etc. etc. etc. Still working on remembering to hold the head up though.

Lots of hair on top, but getting a bald spot in the back (baby M, not daddy!) There is a spot of hair on the bed from where she frantically turns her head in the mornings when she wakes up.

Daddy and his girls. The one shot I got with the camera timer before most of the subjects mutinied.

Happy Father’s Day Eve to this wonderful daddy, who changes diapers, wears the baby in a Bjorn, reads book after book even though he doesn’t like reading, and even while asleep (!! judging from the snores heard between pages this morning). C adores him, and rightfully so—he has far more patience than I, is never afraid of looking silly while playing with all the neighborhood kids (as demonstrated at our block party today), and can usually be snookered into serving mac n cheese for any meal!


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