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This Week in Pictures June 23, 2008

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Last day of school (with early dismissal) was celebrated with lunch at Ruby’s Diner, where C was very entertained making a cardboard car. You can tell she is excited for school to be over…and camp to be starting! Later that day, at the Kirkland Farmer’s Market, we found the cheapest cherries and discovered that Cinnamon Kettle Corn is like crack, if crack was puffy, cinnamon covered, and edible.

Thursday saw many crappy pictures at some of the worst places to take a picture—the aquarium and the waterfront carousel. Otherwise, much fun was had by all. We did discover that 4.5 year olds cannot play skee ball, the waterfront Red Robin has some awesome views, and C can sleep through M crying the whole ride back from downtown during rush hour traffic. C spent Friday sailing and hanging around downtown with daddy, who doesn’t feel obligated to photograph every breath of every day, and thus there are no pictures to share.

M continues her cuteness assault, this week highlighting her very cute little feet and a floral cloth diaper.

However, she already seems a bit jaded about the camera.

M loves her big sister and saves some of her biggest smiles for her. Although that might not be obvious from these shots. M’s look says more “Why are you over there holding the camera and not over here saving me!” Perhaps she is understandably nervous about being held by C. 

With good reason (“Mommy! I am not touching the soft spot I am just patting her head.”)

Nonetheless, they do make quite a cute little pair.


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