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Heat Wave June 29, 2008

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Ugh. 93 here this weekend, and us with no AC. Luckily the temperatures drop at night, but at 3 am this morning it was still over 80 in our bedroom. Poor M is used to sleeping swaddled…but in this heat? So last night I tried to not swaddle her…and no sleep. So did a minimal swaddle and she fell right asleep, but later on had her arms out and woke up at 3 am (which is why I know what the temperature was) which she hasn’t done in weeks.

Yesterday we tried to pretend there was no heat, and went to the Bellevue Strawberry Festival. C and her friend seemed to do OK—C even went and sat in the sun to listen to Rocky Raccoon (gosh, did we feel bad for the sucker in the huge raccoon costume!) and *exercised* to the songs. They also went on blow up bouncy things, got their faces painted, and waited in line for a balloon poodle. The adults guzzled lemonade and sought shade until one of us (ok, me) whined enough that we left.




Today our heat-beating strategy involved going to a movie theater to see Wall-E. C had to be convinced to go (showed her previews on YouTube—“Mommy, let me see another episode about Ollie!”) So now M has been to her first movie—and was pretty good for it even. Overall…eh. It was ok. Good animation, a bit too much shooting for a G movie (in my opinion), and they really hit you over the head with the moral. The story line is just OK though…while I agree with the sentiment (boo on consumerism) there are gaping plot holes. Glad we went, but mostly to be in AC.

Other goings on this week: lots of time spent watering our new plants.

A lot of cuteness

a little of this

and the bald spot continues to gain a foothold.

Oh, and we are flirting with going Piscetarian (vegetarian + fish). I do the meal planning and we have been eating a lot more beans, lentils, veggies (thank you Kirkland Farmers Market) and salmon and a lot less animal meat. For environmental and health reasons. Not C so much though…if we removed ham and chicken strips from her diet she would waste away to nothing. Sigh.


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