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Silly C June 29, 2008

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For the most part, we love to hear what C has to say—to hear a little bit of her logic and creativity, and see how she understands the world. At the end of any of her meltdowns, in addition to asking for a tissue (which is the sign that she is calming down) she will come up with an explanation for why she was upset. It usually recasts the preceding meltdown in a light that is more logical and shows her in a better light than the actual things said during the meltdown. For instance, there may be unexplained crying about eating strawberries at dinner, and at the end of the crying she will say “Well, I just wanted to eat the strawberries in daddy’s lap, thaaaaat is why I was crying.”

Other random things I have liked lately “Mommy, do you want to play cats with me? It is just like playing crocodiles, except you are a different animal. Come on, let’s play.” “This sheet is on top of these necklaces and then you lay down on them and they massage you—they bump all the old ssages out and put new massages in and that is how it works.”

But then there are the things that we don’t like to hear. For instance, although he laughed I don’t think G was too happy when at bedtime tonight C said “Daddy, the more you work, the more we love you.”

Um. Not really sure where that came from! The next exchange is fully my responsibility though.

Scene: Putting the girls in the car. M has been changed several times due to spitting up, and now we are running late, and she is in a final outfit. As soon as I click the carseat in, boom, spit up is running out of her mouth.

Me: M, God….

C: Dammit!

Me: C! You cannot say that, it is not nice.

C: Mommy, I was just helping you. You said God so I said dammit. I was finishing it for you.

So goal for this week: less swearing. I would prefer to have as a goal, less spitting up, which would naturally result in less swearing, but M will not play along.


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