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Dear Daddy, July 20, 2008

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M here. We need to talk about this whole business trip thing. So listen up.

First up, some complaints. Mommy lets C dress us both up as long as C will pose for pictures for her. Who is the loser here?? That’s right buddy, me. Do you see any colors that match here? Yeah, me neither. My color sense is being destroyed at the delicate age of three months.


Also, I don’t know what you told Mommy about the grass…but she has definitely been leaving it for you to deal with.

But back to C. She is all over me! Hugging, tickling, prying my fingers open so she can hold my hand, trying to get mommy to make me wear dresses all the time. For serious daddy, I need some help here.








She wants to hold me, and her skills…leave something to be desired.

I have had to resort to some fearsome hand chewing.


I may have to go into hiding.

Hurry home!

Yours, M


The world according to C July 19, 2008

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On breastfeeding: “Well, you have glasses of milk in your throat, and they fill when you drink milk and then they spill over and come out your boobs.”

On the joys of teaching: Me: “Is Ms. C pregnant at your school.” C: “I dunno. Teachers don’t need to have babies mommy.” Me: “Why?” C: “Because, they TEACH.”

On tummies: C: “Mrs. N said Ms. C is pregnant. She has a baby in her big tummy. But Mrs. N has a big tummy too and she isn’t pregnant.” Me [horrified and aghast with shame at what C has probably said to her teacher]: “Well, lots of people have big tummies. I have a big tummy and there is no baby in there.” C: “Mommy, that is because your parts aren’t put back together yet.”

On where babies come from: “Well, there is a tummy, and then there is a big vat of unborn babies and the vat gets near the tummy and a hole gets cut in the tummy and one end of a tube is put in there and the other end is put in the vat and then one of those unborn babies is pumped in.”

On two teenage girls walking into the cookie store: “Hey, they don’t have any husbands. But, they are so beautiful.”

On two teenage boys talking with a teenage girl: C: “I think that is one of their wives.” Me: “I don’t think so.” C: “Oh. Well, maybe they just live together.”


In Joke July 18, 2008

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With G gone, I thought it best to push some of the Netflix movies he wouldn’t like to the top of the list.

We have an inside joke about the movies that I pick–they all seem to have genocide or suicide in them. (In reality, they don’t all…probably just like 80% or so. Because I like to mix it up with some flicks about poverty, torture, and/or man’s inhumanity to man. And then the last 5%, let’s be honest here, is all the Will Ferrell movies.)

I am not much for the "girly" movies, but I wanted to get something that would be good for knitting to. But let’s face it, you can’t change who you are. So tonight I watched….wait for it…

Griffin and Phoenix, a "romance" about two people with inoperable cancer. Can’t imagine why that one didn’t clean up at the theaters…such a great date movie and all. How the heck did it even get on our Netflix list??

At least I did make very good progress on M’s sweater.

The other movie that came is Ocean’s 13, and there had damn well better be only lighthearted stuff in that movie.


Day 3 of 10 July 16, 2008

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Of simulated single mom-hood for me—G is back in Boston (*again*) for work and we three girls are on our own here. Oh, G complained mightily about the trip and work…but every night I have called between 11 and midnight eastcoast time he has been at dinner, at a bar, etc. Harumph.

In his absence, the garden is exploding (due, no doubt, to my faithful watering). Both tomato plants have…tomatoes!

Gosh, I love tomato plants. They smell so beautiful. And the tiny hairs have been catching the sunlight such that the whole plant looks golden-veined.

(Note to self: terrible dust spots! Get over it and clean the camera sensor already!) I think the blueberry plant is coming right along as well, although even if they all ripen it is basically going to be about one breakfast’s worth of berries.

If M naps enough I spend a lot of time taking bee pictures in the poppies.

The poppies might be my favorite (only partially because I don’t have to water them).

Oh, the girls sure do miss their daddy though. It has been a struggle keeping their spirits up, as I am sure you can tell.

Today I even, with no alcohol whatsoever, suggested painting as a good activity. C and I started off with the same thing to paint (ie, like a coloring page but thicker paper) and you can see we each had a very different interpretation.

(Sorry for crappy shot here…). C’s started off as NYC (which is “big buildings with the Statue of Liberty. If it is just buildings with no Statue of Liberty, then it is Boston, right Mommy?”) and then somehow had some camouflage added. Then it was a dust storm…which I was inspired by Wall-E. Then there were tears about the people on the ship in Wall-E and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to remind C about respecting the earth’s resources…but she decided that since it was an “earth on TV” that it was all pretend and we don’t need to worry. Sigh.

You will also note that I have no innate painting talent and no learned skills either, although in my defense I was painting with a baby in my lap, and with a really thick brush.


Hippie cred July 13, 2008

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Risking the ire of the neighborhood association by taking advantage of a sunny day to bleach cloth diapers out on the patio.


Whitens them right up. Clothes lines aren’t allowed, but I don’t see any lines here do you?


But enough about those kids… July 12, 2008

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I know—you are tired of looking at pictures of my adorable, sweet, generous kids. You keep reading my blog waiting for…an update on my knitting!

Since the last knitting post, I did a hat for C. But apparently it is important to check gauge, and I am some sort of extremely tight knitter…so the hat fit M instead. Ahem. Undaunted, I resized the pattern up to above the listed “adult” size, and came out with something that fits C quite nicely. And apparently, she likes it because this morning she ran into our room in just a pull-up, socks…and this wool hat. But I am not posting a picture of that! Instead, my cute kids (sorry, hard to post without a picture of them!) modeling their matching hats:


I am about half way through a sweater for M, but due to that aforementioned gauge issue (which this time, I even checked, I swear!) I am trying to knit at the 12 month width, but the 9 month length. Sigh. If only she were long and lean, instead of average height and chubby. Hopefully it will fit her for about two days in October and I can get cute pictures. 


As promised….

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The C update. First, a disclaimer…swimming classes and ballet recitals turn out to both a) have lots of other kids (whose photos I don’t like to post) and b) be crowded and not exactly lit for photos (especially ballet recitals, with all the other parents in the way, setting off flashes like crazy!) Nonetheless, we have:

A happily swimming C

Demonstrating her mad skills, cute goggle look, and closed eyes post jump in (using “jump” in the loosest manner, as it was more of a sit down and controlled fall in). We were very happy that she seemed happy the whole time, as some of the other kids were screaming for most of the class. Guess we were right to wait until she was four and a half?

Our ballerina:

After the “show” I was able to almost get some portraits:


C did so great, paying attention to the teacher most of the time, and not clinging to her parents and refusing to dance (unlike one of the other students). Color us proud.