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Random July 1, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:03 pm

I love my macro lens, but I am lazy…and have yet to use it with a tripod. So a nice bright sunny day, which is normally horrible for photography, allows me to get some handheld shots in while the baby naps.

No more fairy tales for C for a bit. The other day she said “I am the princess, daddy is the prince, and you are the fairy.” What is M, I inquired. “The stepsister!”

Bought a “playground ball” and a T ball set for C to play in the backyard. So she and a friend are out there on Saturday. G wants to give them my big blow up exercise ball to play with. I object—since I do in fact use it to exercise, and we have bought toys for the backyard. G is sure the ball will be fine. He throws it outside. It hits a rose bush. A few minutes later the girls bring it over. With a hole in it. It is ruined. Think G will listen to me the next time? Yeah, me neither.

I love that little M…but some days… Today I gave her a nice bath, because her little head was kinda sweaty the past day or so (80-90 temps and all that). As I am toweling her off…she pees all over the towel. Get her diapered and dressed, and into the rocking chair for nursing. And she poops. Fine. Put her on the shoulder to burp, and she projectile spits up at least several ounces of milk—all down my back, and all over the rocking chair. Move her forward to regroup….and the next projectile gets me down the front, down her front, and fills my lap with milk. Luckily (for me, not for him) G works from home so I was able to call for backup. Sigh. What’s a few more loads of laundry between family, right?


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