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Long weekend…big week July 6, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:51 pm

M at the 4th of July parade (she is a bit paler than this…due to the orange seat she kinda looks like we have been self-tanning her, doesn’t she?)

Told G he was always looking grim in pictures, so this is what I get. Not sure if M is teething or what, but she is a big fan of finger chewing right now (and note drooling/bubble-blowing in top picture).

C all ready for fireworks on a friends porch—princess costume, rain boots, and sweater. We were looking out over unincorporated King County…where private fireworks are legal. And many, many people partake in firework displays, so we were able to see quite a show. C and her friend were on the porch starting at 7:30 or so, exclaiming over every firework, and both were asleep by about 10:05 right after the real fireworks had started.

This week C starts swimming classes and has ballet camp (the recital is Friday!); M is turning 3 months old (!!) So should get a bunch of good photos in this week.


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