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3 months…growing up so fast July 8, 2008

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Can you believe it? I cannot…M turned three months old today. She celebrated with a nice bath and a nap.

At 3 months, she:

1. Smiles *all the time*. Seriously, she is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. She also “talks” a lot.

2. Sleeps a 9-10 hour stretch every night. Recently, she has started waking up around 5ish and flailing around a bit (still swaddling, so it is like watching a bug in a spider web) and I can just pat her chest and she falls back asleep. The whole time, her face looks kind of angry…like she is mad that she is waking up. It is pretty cute…although I am thinking it would be cuter at, say, 7 am.

3. Likes baths again, and kicks vigorously during them.

4. Still has the spitting up issue, as discussed many many times before.

5. Has discovered her hands, and the hands of others. She has pinchy little fingers now that have grabbed my hair and necklace. Sometimes when I am holding her she plucks at my arm, or she will hold onto the hem of my shirt when nursing. Sometimes she just wrings her hands together (what I call “worried hands”) and other times she sticks as much as possible in her mouth and makes loud, wet sucking noises…and has on occasion gagged herself a bit. Silly baby.

6. Has a butt dimple. Well, it is in that area anyway. Actually, she has had it since birth and the ped. scared us a bit about it…she had to measure its depth (it is quite deep) and make sure she could see the bottom…otherwise it might have been her spine! Or something like that…we weren’t totally clear on the implications, but in the end (no pun intended) the bottom was visible. But it is a shock when you are changing her diaper to see that hole…above the other hole. I am going to stop now.

7. Likes having her feet rubbed, being held, back patting, nursing, napping on you, her swing (sometimes), her big sister, baths. Tolerates the car seat and stroller. Does not seem to like baby-wearing/slings, which is a disappointment to me as C really did. Also not a fan of the tummy time.

8. Has sweaty feet. Seriously, they are damp little things. Very weird to me, as C’s feet didn’t start to sweat until…well, this year I think! (And now, since she refuses to wear socks with her shoes…peee-eeewww.)

9. No regular nap schedule yet, but she will nap pretty well in the swing (while I do my 20 minutes of exercise a day), in the car (while we pick up C and run errands), and in her bouncy seat (falls asleep to the sound of the fan while I shower).


10. Blue eyes still. Hair getting lighter. Bald spot holding on tight. Cute pudge, although no ped. visit at 3 months so won’t have official weight or height to report this time. Not yet sitting or rolling over. Is just a crazy easy baby and has fit into our family and our lives so well. Adored by us all!

Later this week we will have updates about C, who successfully lobbied for a new leotard and tutu to go with her new ballet shoes (“Mommy, I have a good idea! Let’s buy a new tutu because my old one is really falling apart.”) Picked black for all three, so she looks like quite the tiny little goth dancer.

C also brought the awesome today at swimming class—got right in the pool (with these block floaties tied to her front and back), tried floating and dog paddle, chatted with the other kids, hung from the pool ladder, swam after a noodle, and even jumped into the pool, soaking her face! This from the girl who wouldn’t go in the water last year in Hawaii and who screams every time water gets in her eyes during a bath. I was one proud mommy (who didn’t bring the camera today to swimming, fearing the worst). Although, she still screamed for her daddy tonight during her bath. Sigh.


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