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As promised…. July 12, 2008

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The C update. First, a disclaimer…swimming classes and ballet recitals turn out to both a) have lots of other kids (whose photos I don’t like to post) and b) be crowded and not exactly lit for photos (especially ballet recitals, with all the other parents in the way, setting off flashes like crazy!) Nonetheless, we have:

A happily swimming C

Demonstrating her mad skills, cute goggle look, and closed eyes post jump in (using “jump” in the loosest manner, as it was more of a sit down and controlled fall in). We were very happy that she seemed happy the whole time, as some of the other kids were screaming for most of the class. Guess we were right to wait until she was four and a half?

Our ballerina:

After the “show” I was able to almost get some portraits:


C did so great, paying attention to the teacher most of the time, and not clinging to her parents and refusing to dance (unlike one of the other students). Color us proud.


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