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But enough about those kids… July 12, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:11 pm

I know—you are tired of looking at pictures of my adorable, sweet, generous kids. You keep reading my blog waiting for…an update on my knitting!

Since the last knitting post, I did a hat for C. But apparently it is important to check gauge, and I am some sort of extremely tight knitter…so the hat fit M instead. Ahem. Undaunted, I resized the pattern up to above the listed “adult” size, and came out with something that fits C quite nicely. And apparently, she likes it because this morning she ran into our room in just a pull-up, socks…and this wool hat. But I am not posting a picture of that! Instead, my cute kids (sorry, hard to post without a picture of them!) modeling their matching hats:


I am about half way through a sweater for M, but due to that aforementioned gauge issue (which this time, I even checked, I swear!) I am trying to knit at the 12 month width, but the 9 month length. Sigh. If only she were long and lean, instead of average height and chubby. Hopefully it will fit her for about two days in October and I can get cute pictures. 


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