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Day 3 of 10 July 16, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:52 pm

Of simulated single mom-hood for me—G is back in Boston (*again*) for work and we three girls are on our own here. Oh, G complained mightily about the trip and work…but every night I have called between 11 and midnight eastcoast time he has been at dinner, at a bar, etc. Harumph.

In his absence, the garden is exploding (due, no doubt, to my faithful watering). Both tomato plants have…tomatoes!

Gosh, I love tomato plants. They smell so beautiful. And the tiny hairs have been catching the sunlight such that the whole plant looks golden-veined.

(Note to self: terrible dust spots! Get over it and clean the camera sensor already!) I think the blueberry plant is coming right along as well, although even if they all ripen it is basically going to be about one breakfast’s worth of berries.

If M naps enough I spend a lot of time taking bee pictures in the poppies.

The poppies might be my favorite (only partially because I don’t have to water them).

Oh, the girls sure do miss their daddy though. It has been a struggle keeping their spirits up, as I am sure you can tell.

Today I even, with no alcohol whatsoever, suggested painting as a good activity. C and I started off with the same thing to paint (ie, like a coloring page but thicker paper) and you can see we each had a very different interpretation.

(Sorry for crappy shot here…). C’s started off as NYC (which is “big buildings with the Statue of Liberty. If it is just buildings with no Statue of Liberty, then it is Boston, right Mommy?”) and then somehow had some camouflage added. Then it was a dust storm…which I was inspired by Wall-E. Then there were tears about the people on the ship in Wall-E and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to remind C about respecting the earth’s resources…but she decided that since it was an “earth on TV” that it was all pretend and we don’t need to worry. Sigh.

You will also note that I have no innate painting talent and no learned skills either, although in my defense I was painting with a baby in my lap, and with a really thick brush.


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