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Dear Daddy, July 20, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:31 pm

M here. We need to talk about this whole business trip thing. So listen up.

First up, some complaints. Mommy lets C dress us both up as long as C will pose for pictures for her. Who is the loser here?? That’s right buddy, me. Do you see any colors that match here? Yeah, me neither. My color sense is being destroyed at the delicate age of three months.


Also, I don’t know what you told Mommy about the grass…but she has definitely been leaving it for you to deal with.

But back to C. She is all over me! Hugging, tickling, prying my fingers open so she can hold my hand, trying to get mommy to make me wear dresses all the time. For serious daddy, I need some help here.








She wants to hold me, and her skills…leave something to be desired.

I have had to resort to some fearsome hand chewing.


I may have to go into hiding.

Hurry home!

Yours, M


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