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cute kid overload August 4, 2008

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In every picture of C holding M, M has the same expression. To me it says “I will always remember that *you* did this to me.”

The C-bird…an equal mix of gorgeous and silly. Would perhaps lean more towards the gorgeous if we took a brush to her with more frequency. When I started taking pictures she ran in to get her camera (the 2 mp one from camp…see earlier post). She set up with a blanket and some toys in the yard and said she was “camping”. A girl after my own heart—camping where you have a bathroom, refrigerator, and comfy bed nearby. She takes inordinate amounts of pleasure in these old, broken play sunglasses, including wearing them to camp.

And of course little M. As soon as the diaper comes off, the feet go up in the air, possibly to the hands, possibly all the way to the mouth. Still can’t sit up and not a big fan of being on her tummy, so the available poses are somewhat limited.













And of course, you need to be able to tell when the photo session is over.