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4 months old August 10, 2008

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M turned four months old on Friday. Tomorrow she has her ped. appt. and we will have the official measurements. I can still remember (as can G) crying when she was four days old because it was going so fast already (repeat after me: “baby blues”). Since then, time has just gone faster. Sniff.

At fours months she:

1. Does cute little sneezes still, big yawns, big stretches, little chewy mouth movements (still strange for me to see a baby tongue since we didn’t with C what with the tongue tie and all). Babbles a lot, with the occasional screech. Doesn’t laugh so much as wheeze and screech.

2. Is very mellow and smiley. Saves the biggest smiles for her daddy—she smiles at him even when he isn’t looking at her. Just catching sight of him is enough to trigger a huge open mouthed grin. She also smiles for C, but is a bit more wary. *Mostly* falls asleep in the car, but if not…yikes! Super loud sobs which put me in a panic, making me want to yell “You’re gonna be OK! Say the (*(&(&^%%% words!” ala Reservoir Dogs. Then when I stop the car and rush to the back seat, she immediately stops crying and looks surprised, like, Oh? You’re here? But otherwise, smiley and mellow.


3. Hates tummy time with a passion, but not quite enough to figure out rolling over yet. Does not like to be alone. Likes to be held sitting up or in the sling facing out to experience the world. Likes to kick and kick in the tub. Starting to figure out rolling from back to front…at least, is halfway there.

4. Goes to bed pretty easily around 7:30 ish and sleeps until…well, lately it has been 4 am. And then sometimes will go right back to sleep after nursing, sometimes is up for an hour and then will go back to sleep, and once in a while just won’t go back to sleep. Last night however, she slept until 6 so I am hopeful. Napping is still pretty hit or miss…the occasional mega nap (by which I mean 60-120 minutes) but in general still does 20-40 minute cat naps. Can seem completely asleep in your lap, only to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed if you attempt a swing or bed transfer. Or move. Or breathe too deeply. Or (hello weekends) C comes running in to tickle her feet.

5. Understands at least some of how hands work. Grabs hair, shirts, blankets, her own feet, toys, etc. Chews a lot, but no teeth signs as of yet. Enjoying taggie items, her activity mat, and some smallish stuff animals (those with chewable appendages).

6. Has totally sweet and adorable baby chub.

7. Is pretty game for whatever mommy cooks up, including the monthly picture with the birthday cat.

Actually, might need to talk with her about appropriate boundaries with the birthday cat.



5 Responses to “4 months old”

  1. Rambling Says:

    Precious dear darling beautiful baby!

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