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She’d like to thank the Academy… August 13, 2008

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Also, thanks to flip video. Little flip ultra that I was so excited to acquire, sorry to have used you so infrequently. I do have a tendency to “save” new purchases. Ahem. Just be glad that I didn’t share the 15 minute video of C doing a dance concert in the living room…

Actually, can folks leave me a comment (I know, this is asking a whole heckuva lot, at least I am assuming that is why I get so few comments. Hint hint.) about whether they can view the video ok, and whether they would like to see more videos on the blog.

In other news, C has just 7 more days of camp, and then a week off in between camp and school. And G is working *a lot*. So, a week, me, two kids…what to do? Call me crazy (actually, please don’t as I have already booked the tickets), M, C, and I are heading down to Portland to visit my unsuspecting cousin. Actually, she knows we are on the way, just not what she is in for. Just kidding S! These girls…very well behaved. G has forcedconvinced me to take the train instead of driving. I am still nervous…three hours in car with two kids—yeah, there might be a lot of crying, and pulling over, but at least no one else would know about it. On the train, I might be able to tend to the kids, but under the stern glare of a hundred other passengers.

And then there is the little matter of getting me, C, M, stroller + carseat, luggage, and diaper bag from the train to the hotel and around town. Current big debate—bring C’s carseat to enable us to cab or not? Installing two car seats in a cab fills me with fear (seems like the first $10 of every cab ride would be me installing the car seat while the cabbie laughs…or cries) but so does walking two miles pushing the stroller with M in it and trying to carry C on my shoulders or back at the same time. Anyway, looking forward to the trip. Especially the part where I get to sit in the bathroom for three hours to have light to read (or knit!) after the girls go to bed. Oh, G will be sorry he missed out on this trip!


2 Responses to “She’d like to thank the Academy…”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Sat down for my usual blog prowl this evening after wearying of watching random Olympic swimming semifinals…and was happy to tumble across adorable Meadow doing her thing. Video looked great, baby looked ridiculously cute. Yes, more, more, more! A train trip to Portland sounds like a fun adventure. I keep threatening to take trains to cute places but after my one and only public transportation event of the summer, the "Express" bus to the county fair, proved a little too far on the "really behind schedule" and "people-watching the mentally ill is educational" side, plans for further sallying-forth got stymied. But I cheer your coming adventure and say not-to-worry about evil eyes from fellow passengers. I imagine the radiant cuteness of Miss C and Miss M will triumph in winning over all hearts and minds in the end. (next up: let\’s meet in San Fran!)

  2. Unknown Says:

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