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Brief recap September 1, 2008

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Quite a lot going on here at Chez Nous. C’s first day of school is tomorrow, and she had off the last week between camp and school. M, C, and I took Amtrak down to Portland to visit cousin S and had a great time…








Dinners out, public transportation riding, Children’s Museum, Zoo, hotel sleeping at a schwanky hotel, book shopping, toe grabbing, and of course, gracious (and buff) cousin S:


C took to her immediately, held her hand to cross the street, wanted her to watch everything she did, etc. etc. C also demonstrated her innovative ice cream (well, gelato) eating technique which involves biting the end of the cone off first.

We made it back to Seattle with nary a minute to spare, just in time for C’s final swim classes. She started the season hating water in her eyes and with no swimming experience, and now she can do a pretty fair dog paddle, float on her own, jump in, climb out of the pool unassisted, and blows bubbles underwater. Nothing short of amazing. The pool is outdoors though, so the fall/winter will bring us to gymnastics class instead.








Some knitting has occurred—C’s cardigan is nearly finished, and my sock is completed. I believe I had what is termed a “gage accident” and thus the sock would fit…well, a much larger person. Like a man. However in this house at least I am unlikely to find a man willing to wear said sock. Thus I am unlikely to knit the second sock. However, the process was otherwise smooth and C has already chosen some yarn for her socks.











Some end of summer hijinks.

A possible Halloween costume preview, from items procured at the Bumbershoot indie arts market.

And continued cuteness from our resident baby, who has decided that perhaps sleeping isn’t all that great. Slept great in Portland, but otherwise has been waking up 2x a night, and is often up for good around 5:30. Ugh. Or, will sleep in my lap, but wake up immediately upon being transferred to the bed. Continues to nap in little 30 minute increments. But she is so darn happy to see you when she wakes that it is hard to stay frustrated for long.

(Perhaps not so brief after all.)


One Response to “Brief recap”

  1. Susan Says:

    Having you three visit was our pleasure.  We hope you\’ll come back soon and spend more time with us in Portland.  Your girls are absolutely adorable and wonderfully behaved.  You\’re welcome here any time (especially if you continue to use words like "gracious" and "buff" to describe me… two words that I don\’t think had ever been applied to me before this post)!

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