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Prepare yourself…five month old extreme cuteness September 8, 2008

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Last week was pretty busy—last day of work, first day of school, saying goodbye to houseguests Keiki the cat and owner C, welcoming my brother and his girlfriend for a visit, first gymnastics class, birth center picnic, and Puyallup Fair. Phew. Luckily, for both you and my hard drive, I didn’t take pictures of all those events. In any case, further recap will have to wait for a future post, as today we have another entry in our M’s monthly birthday post series.











That’s right, M is five months old today. No idea about weight or height, is still in her 3-6 month clothes for the most part though (some of the pants and footed outfits might be getting a bit short in the legs though). Other than that…

1. She is the smiliest baby EVER. Sadly, she mostly smiles for people, not cameras, so I can’t really prove this right now. But really—she is free and easy with the huge, happiness-inducing, full face smile.

2. If placed in a seated position, she can stay there for a bit. Rolls consistently from front to back, has not yet made it from back to front. Pushes up easily when tummy down. Can hold head up for surprising amount of time when laid on her back. Shows no signs of crawling or anything crazy like that.

3. Is getting pretty adept at hand manipulation. Loves to play with her grabbing and clutching toys, particularly those that can easily be sucked on. Has a tendency to constantly be grabbing her feet (see middle picture above), often sucking on those as well. Will also grab glasses, noses, clothing, hair, etc. of people holding her, and unsuspecting older sisters.

4. Has chubby, rosy little cheeks. Is developing a neck rash which seems to be drool + heat related. Has the vestiges of a birthmark on one eyelid, and another mark spread across the bottom of her head in the back. Working the bald spot, with a line of super long hair below it, and the cowlick combover. Eyes still shockingly blue.








5. Sleeping has improved recently due to G’s insight. During a heat wave, I had stopped swaddling M at night, and the first night she slept the same number of hours so I figured all was well. But over the next few weeks, her sleep was degraded, and I thought we were dealing with the dreaded four month sleep regression (note: it is possible to freak yourself out by lurking on parenting message boards too much). But G said…why not swaddle her again? Did it—and woohoo! back to sleeping until 5 or 6 am! Swaddled her today for a nap…and it was two hours!!!! Still figuring out the nap schedule, but things are overall on a good track I think. Goes to bed between 6 and 7, and if she isn’t in bed…watch out! (see below).

6. M is pretty mellow and easy going—loves to smile at people, doesn’t even cry or complain as C is pulling on her toes or laying on top of her. But she does have one non-negotiable—must be in bed at bedtime NOT in the car. If in the car, she will not sleep (as she will for say, naptime) but will instead cry the most heart piercing, saddest cry ever. For up to 40 minutes. This trait was most recently shown on our return trip from the Fair, where she fell asleep in the stroller but woke up to cry for the ride home. C was able to sleep through it but I think it shaved a few years off my life expectancy.

7. Is not spitting up as much (knock wood)—although whenever I get my hopes up that it is done for good, she puts me in my place with a chair and/or clothing soaking episode.

8. Has very kicky legs that can seemingly kick for hours, until they are corralled by her hands and stilled with her mouth.

9. Is liking baths, being worn facing out, some songs that we sing, pointy stuffed toys such as the goose above (which was also a favorite of C’s) and a stuffed carrot. Watches me eat, and I am hoping will be a better (easier) eater than C.

10. Has started giving what I think of as hugs, where she clutches my neck very tightly. Love this.


















11. Lights up for her big sister and puts up with a lot of “love”. Perhaps due to their shared interest in her toes (see second picture)? But big sis had better watch out…see pic four.


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