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Random September 18, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:36 pm

If you need to contact me, please be aware that something has gone wrong with my normal Yahoo! mail account, and I can only log in infrequently, like a random 20 minutes every other day or so. So…for now, email me at my other address, which is [samename]@hotmail.com.

At the farmer’s market yesterday, a woman leaned into the stroller and said “What a lovely baby boy you have there!” “Oh,” says me, “thank you, it is a girl.” “Oh, yes, yes, now that I look at her full on I can tell. She looks just like you!” Um. Thanks. My kid looks like a boy…just like me??

One of C’s friends was picking grape tomatoes at our house on Saturday and was worried about a scratch that was on one of them. C piped up “Don’t worry, that is just how organic fruits and vegetables are.” Who says they don’t listen, right?

Caught on film…that wonderful smile of M’s that I keep going on about:


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