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Top 10 Reasons the Baby has Stopped Sleeping September 18, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:25 pm

10. Read earlier post, didn’t want mommy to keep bragging so shamelessly.

9. Overheard discussion of what a terrible sleeper C was, didn’t want to make her feel bad.

8. Who can sleep with the disastrous economy, disastrous weather, disastrous war, and the suddenly, irrationally possible chance of four more years of disaster if McCain is elected [M says: please vote for Obama!]

7. Sleeping is for the weak. I can sleep when I am old, like say 3.

6. Picture this: mommy completing 20 minutes of nursing and rocking, laying me totally asleep in the bed, ever so silently creeping out of the room, starting an activity, hearing me fuss and then wail after just twenty or so minutes, coming in to find me completely awake, trying and failing to re-rock or pat me back to sleep, giving in and getting me up, and then a few minutes later seeing me vigorously rub my eyes. The look on her face gets me every time! Plus the language I have been learning as a result—very interesting, and totally worth the sleep deprivation. 

5. 16 hours with a cranky, tired mommy is still so much better than 9 hours with a happy well rested mommy.

4. Twice mommy has snuck out of the house, leaving me with daddy after I go down for a nap. Not gonna be letting that happen again!

3. The ever popular teething excuse [although in this case it is When Harry Met Sally style teething; to wit: “I’m gonna get teeth” “when?” “Someday [sob]”]

2. The hour between 3am and 4am is radically under appreciated; I am doing my bit to introduce it to mommy.

And the number 1 reason the baby is not sleeping… As a public service, it just isn’t right to deprive the world of this smiling mug for too long…


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