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Moving on Up September 25, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 9:25 pm

Guess who has been joining us at the dinner table in her new high chair? I hated C’s plastic high chair with a vengeance (she constantly slid down in it and food got into all these tiny crevices…ewwww) so we have put together a fancy wooden one for M. She has been very grabby in my lap at mealtimes, so now she can sit with us but be grabbing her own stuff. Still a few more weeks until she hits the six month mark and is ready for solids! She does love her stuffed carrot though, as you can see from the very damp end in the picture.











She is sitting a lot although will still fall over without much warning. I managed to get another big smile too—sorry for the bad shot, I have to focus the camera and then move my head around to get her to smile at me, so the smiling shots are always a little off!











Caught her sitting in a sunbeam the other day—check out these blue eyes!











Sadly, poor M already has her second cold in three weeks. I do not know what the deal is—C was in camp all summer, and M never got sick. C starts school, and apparently all the germy kids are in her class because it is like she and M are in the Olympic nose running competition.


One Response to “Moving on Up”

  1. Celine Frueh Says:

    What a gorgeous shot of M in the sunbeam.  She is spectacular looking, just like C.

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