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Halfway Mark October 8, 2008

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Six days to six months…quite a difference isn’t it?












That’s right, M is a whopping six months old today. I have been taking a picture of her every month with the “birthday cat” and couldn’t resist a little visual comparison today! At six months, M is…

…sleeping OK. She goes down easy at night between 6:30 and 7 wakes around 1 am-ish and then starts waking up regularly starting around 5 am, and is up for the day between 6 and 7. Her spitting up is WAY reduced, so we have been staying in the bed at night (instead of getting up to nurse in a chair). This way, I don’t wake up as much. M seems to be actually nursing more (based on morning diapers which used to be bone dry and are now soaking wet) but I must be sleeping better since I wake up now without swearing and no longer spend the first hour of the day filled with a seething bitterness.

…not really napping though. Ugh. Seems to take a 30-45 minute nap in the morning, a 40 – 60 minute nap in the afternoon, and a few catnaps (around 11 am and again in the later afternoon, especially if we are in the car). I have been trying everything—swing, swaddle/no swaddle, in the bed with her, on her own, etc. etc. Every now and then she will take a two hour nap, and I am filled with hope (and plans for my free time) but she rarely does a repeat performance the next day. I remain (stupidly) hopeful that some day she will take longer naps. I am however getting a lot of reading done (she mostly wants to nap in my lap).

…eating solids. This is all new for us, after all the trouble C had. M literally grabbed my arm and started chewing on it one day, so we were pretty sure she was ready. She has had sweet potatoes and carrots so far, and loves them.

…continually mistaken for a boy. It happened again this weekend by an elderly couple who gave the standard “Oh, it is so hard to tell at that age.” Well, it might be—if she hadn’t been dressed all in pink flowers!

…sitting up quite well. She hasn’t rolled from back to front yet, but this could be because she wants to spend all of her time sitting. She reaches for toys, shakes them in the air, even bounces up and down (which has led to two face plants…one of which was onto a book, leading to her first little face bruise 😦 ) Maybe she will be an early crawler? She loves her toys—especially ones that she can chew on. However, I must be in eye sight at all times!

  …happy to be a part of our family. C can make M laugh and laugh in the car, or really anywhere, in a way that none of the rest of us can. M also loves to catch sight of her daddy, grab his glasses, and especially touch that funny feeling beard. She just might have him wrapped around her little finger. M loves to wrap her arms around my neck (or sometimes grab a hank of hair on each side of my head with her hands, and then chew on my cheek or chin. I guess it isn’t all good and cute stuff). 

…quite the babbler. She can also veer more towards screeching, which  has its uses I guess. Sometimes she seems to be singing along with C’s CDs when we are driving in the car.

…still the queen of the crazy hair.

…baby chubbed out. A lot in the cheeks, but those arms, belly, and legs are also nicely rounded. Just moving into 6-9 month clothes—the legs are a bit long. No idea about official height and weight—her appt. this time is a joint one with C for her 5th birthday (!!) so the appt. isn’t for another two weeks. I will update when I know! I am guessing her weight will come in right around 16 lbs. though.












…the boss of the birthday cat. You want a piece of me birthday cat? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

…just a great, great baby. She doesn’t cry much, loves her bath, loves to hug and cuddle, is super alert and engaged with life. I often look up when we are out to find her smiling away at some stranger and just making their day. We’ll finish with some other shots from today that I love from her first ride in the playground swing!


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