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Busy…again October 27, 2008

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Sorry for the longish silence. What with birthdays, pediatrician appointments, grandparental visits, and Halloween preparations we have been a bit swamped (and the first thing to go was my computer time, in case anyone is awaiting an email).

C turned the big 5 last week, and I think today we finally opened the last of the presents. Wednesday was the big day, celebrated in the morning with a new sweater (the one I finished knitting ever so long ago only to find out that it is the finishing that takes forever):

The rainbow buttons were her choice.

She was allowed to bring muffins to school (much to her disappointment, as she had hoped to bring cupcakes) and Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything came to the rescue as usual—basic muffins with sour cream option plus orange peel and cinnamon added. G came with M and I to pick her up from school; snacks from the French Bakery were followed by the bike store to pick up her present:











Two wheel bike (complete with “stabilizers”—thanks British cartoons!) and a “crash helmet”. Positive thinker, my little C. She immediately wanted to start crossing streets, but until she gets a better handle on the coaster brakes I think we will be staying pretty close. Home to open the rest of her presents, and then off to Brix for dinner.

C’s birthday party was on Saturday—this year, we decided to focus a bit more on the kids and told her she could invite 5 friends. G was in charge of activities and cooked up an elaborate paper craft and a game involving miles of twine out in the garden. The kids seemed to prefer a game in which three of them hid in the closet and one in a chair, and then I called in our sole male guest by yelling “Help, help, I need a fireman it’s an emergency! I can’t find any of my party guests!” and he would point to the chair and open the closet door and everyone laughed. We played this game about 40 times in a row, and every time the steps were exactly the same. During this time, G, his parents, and three other parents attending the party LEFT ME ALL ALONE with those kids. In their defense, they did watch over M. Still. Later on one of the guests asked if we could go back upstairs to play the hiding game again. I could never, ever be a preschool teacher.

The girls at the party enjoyed trying on princess dresses and some got their faces painted. C did her own makeup. She also picked out her own cake from QFC—settling for Barbie Fairytopia when it was discovered they had every princess except Sleeping Beauty.











Sunday we had a Halloween costume dry run, with an event at C’s gymnastics studio. Again, she chose to do her own makeup. Please try to guess her costume.











Who guessed Angel? Yeah, me neither. Dress, wings, and wig (??) courtesy of G from a thrift store. Side note to Grammy—the black tights fit fine, and apparently go with everything!

G will not be with us for Halloween (another Boston work trip) but did a dry run of a possible costume anyway.











In other news, C and M both had pediatrician appointments last week. Both are mostly healthy. C had a growth spurt last year, and is now up to the 50th percentile for both height and weight. M’s weight was exactly 16 lbs (0.00 oz) which is around 50th percentile as well. Her height was clearly wrong again, as they had her back at the 97th percentile, and this is no tall thin baby:











The end of the appointment, where C had to get 5 shots and M got 3 was pretty brutal, and involved crying by all three of us. C said she would be “As brave as Christopher Columbus when he sailed across the ocean” but disintegrated into tears by shot three. She pulled herself together only to start crying again when M burst into tears at her shot #2.

I will close with some more shots of M, including one that shows the tradeoffs one must make to get kid photos.













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