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Random C October 31, 2008

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C said today that Halloween is her favorite holiday “you get to dress up and go to a bunch of other houses!” Please, no one mention the existence of Jehovah’s Witnesses to her ok?

Thursdays are a favorite day as we go to the library and she is allowed to pick out one video, three fiction books, and one non fiction book. For about three months all her non-fiction choices have been about space. The fiction choices range pretty widely—we have read stories about the underground railroad, Jewish ghettos during WWII, and penny auctions in the Depression. I am undecided as to what is more depressing—those books, or Dora books.

She is getting pretty good at bike riding, except she continually stops with her feet in the up and down positions and then cannot get going again.

She absorbs language like a sponge, so I often hear myself parroted back. A favorite is “That is not one of the options I am offering.” She also repeats things that teachers say, so that when talking about a boy at the park who had been playing a shooting game she reported “He made a very poor decision.”

Driving home from school last week she suddenly asked “this thing is dark on the other side, right mommy?” “Uh…what thing? This CD?” “No mommy, this thing, this thing…this Earth thing that we are on!”

Someone pulled up next to us the other day loudly swearing at the woman in front of him, and then speeding off when the light turned. I told C that he had road rage. A few days later, she came home from school and reported that another girl had cut in front of her in line and as a result she had had “line rage”.

She only ate the frosting from her birthday cake, not the cake.

She has taken to singing The Age of Aquarius song…a lot. G has also attempted to teach her about non sequiturs, with the example “With the gates open”. Which leads to this little ditty…

She is a total cutie and a great big sister.  











She always wants someone to “keep her company”—on the potty, going upstairs to get something, etc. etc. Yet this week she has been pretty good about coloring by herself when I need to put Meadow to bed.

She refuses to eat crusts, including waffle crusts. She loves to eat out at restaurants, yet wants to get macaroni and cheese at every one (although will make an exception for chicken nuggets at McDonalds).

After grocery shopping today, she declared that she hates all shopping except for “toys and craft items”.


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