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Kids Say the Funniest Things, Scatological Version November 23, 2008

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The scene: Our family of four is returning to the car after dinner out. We encounter an unfortunate smell, which G, ah, “identifies”.

Me: Phew, I thought maybe the baby had diarrhea.

C: Have you ever tried diarrhea?

Me, G: [Disbelieving silence]

C: Like, you know, with coffee or something?

Me, G: [Barely withholding laughter]

C: Because it is good to try new things!


She Just Looks all Cute and Innocent November 21, 2008

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M has developed the annoying habit of needing to manhandle me while nursing—either pulling my hair (literally pushing my face to the side so she can reach the hair better), making tiny pinches all over my neck and chin, or squeezing the end of my nose so hard she leaves scratch marks. And she seemingly cannot fall asleep without doing one or all three of these activities.

And today, she was up at 5:20. AM.

I keep telling her, cute does you no good when it is pitch black outside.










7 months + 6 days November 14, 2008

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Better late than never, right? Unfortunately the birthday cat shots did not go so great today—someone loved to push the cat out of the frame faster than I could get it set up and focus.











M is in a very fun stage right now. Stats wise, is still in her 6-9 month clothes. No teeth yet. She is super curious and must always be grabbing something—toys, hair, big sisters, whatever. She likes to grab the spoon when eating solids (and is eating about 14 or so different foods now)—I swear she can almost feed herself! She is pretty expressive and does a lot of grunting, babbling, and generally expresses her feelings well (and often, loudly). On the plane, she amused herself by chewing on the motion sickness bag until it disintegrated and then the passenger safety information card. Loves her bath, and will splash and get water everywhere—doesn’t even seem to mind water on her face or in her eyes. She loves banging her toys, putting things in and out, and moving stuff all around. She is starting to figure out that she can move too—today she scooted backwards on her butt about 3 feet. She sometimes achieves forward motion in the same manner. I will have to try to get a video of it—bouncing up and down, using her feet as a pivot point. She is strong—kicked me in the nose today while I was changing her diaper, and wow, it stung. Is constantly floating her hands around, as if she is conducting. Likes to engage G in a game where she smacks the table, and then he smacks it in the same pattern. She even varies the pattern. Loves to smile and smile at her daddy, go to be held by him, and then smile back at me. Trying to figure out kissing lips, but so far mostly just puffs out some air. Seems like the happiest baby ever.


Northwest, you kind of suck, and other thoughts November 13, 2008

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So we flew to and from Minnesota on Northwest. No seat for M, she would just be in my lap. Made the reservations on Orbitz many weeks ago, and requested three seats in a row (Me, C, G). Logged on to print out boarding passes on Thursday night, and we had no assigned seats. Huh. Checked our return flight—no assigned seats there, either, so went to the seat picker on the northwest website and again requested three seats in a row. On the flight out, the lady at the desk managed to redo our seats so we were together. Get to the airport in MN for our return flight, and our seats have been reassigned—such that I am in row 22, C is in row 28, and G is in row 36. Yeah. Not going to work! I cannot have my *5* year old by herself! And not really excited about sitting and nursing M the whole way with two strangers. The lady at the desk said the flight was full and she couldn’t help us. So…we sat together in row 28. And when the two people with the other tickets got on, told them our dilemma—“We can’t have our five year old sitting by herself” and she huffed “Well, I want to sit with my daughter too”. Lady. Your daughter was like 12! C can’t work the seatbelt by herself and needs help using the restroom! Gave her our other boarding passes and sent her back to row 36, where she apparently complained about us, because a flight attendant came up to yell at us. GRRRRRR. Seriously, is it even legal to separate a five year old from her parents? Eventually it got worked out and we were able to stay together. G immediately saying “I am willing to pay you for your trouble” pretty much shuts people down—they want to be pissy, but not so mean-spirited as to actually take any money.

We rented the top floor of a house on this trip, found through my favorite source, http://www.vrbo.com. Worked out mostly well (kitchen, toys for the kids, crib and high chair, C had her own room, walking distance to Whole Foods and multiple restaurants). We also rented carseats from Rockabye Baby. For the $60 it would have cost us to check two car seats each way on the flights (and drag them through the airport), a guy met us at the rental car counter with Britax car seats. Sweet. Highly recommend.

M is not the good flyer that C was. Does not bode well for the six hour redeye home to Cleveland over Christmas.

C says so many funny things that I want to blog, and then when I sit at the computer I can’t remember any of them. Today at dinner she caught us off guard with “To be honest, where do babies come from, really?” Managed to sidestep that one neatly. And then when we were discussing our current president, C said “I like to call him the dumbest president. Because he told lies, and that hurts your body. But the truth–the truth will set you free.” Well said.

Just two years in Seattle and I have gotten soft about the cold. And boy did it seem cold in MN. Did the total Mom thing and brought sweaters, hats, mittens, and warm coats for the girls…and nothing for myself. So our walk on the day it didn’t get above freezing was pretty brutal. Although my torso does stay nice and toasty with my special cold weather gear:








A smoodgie baby. Who took a surprise 2 1/2 hour nap today, destroying plans for a belated birthday cat picture when the sun was out. 


Catching up…and then falling behind again November 6, 2008

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We are headed to chilly Minnesota this weekend to visit friends and dear old Macalester. Clearing off the card before we head out, and see that our Halloween pics are as yet unshared.

C as promised was an angel. She refused to wear the feather wings, and said the halo was “too poky”. Hence, the butterfly wings and a quickly improvised halo made out of pipe cleaners.











M was a peapod, but only for some pictures. She didn’t like having her legs constrained and no way would she fit in the sling for trick or treating like this.












If only C had been a princess, then we would have princess and the pea pictures. Sigh.











Of course, C then insisted on doing her own makeup. Who knew that “angel” was a costume requiring make-up? (Well, if you read the earlier post, of course, you did.) I guess this is undercover angel, complete with camouflage?








Trick or treating went well, M slept and we were with some friends, and the candy bowl I left on our porch wasn’t completely empty when we returned. We also discovered the street that will forever more be referred to as “full size” street, if you know what I mean. C does not seem all that into Halloween candy though—she requested on tiny bag of peanut M&M’s that night, but didn’t even finish them. Since then she has just requested one bag of gummy fruit treats. Which is good, because I have picked through her candy thoroughly 😉

C went voting with me on Tuesday and was excited to go out to dinner and watch the returns coming in—she was big in favor of Obama. I watched the rest of the results by myself in the kitchen as the girls slept, while G attended a “Drinking Liberally” celebration party downtown. One of us might have had more fun (although not the next day when that one was all hung over!) but all of us are feeling giddy with excitement and hope.

We will be away for M’s 7 month birthday, and I can’t justify packing the birthday cat in the checked luggage just for the picture, so unless I get one tomorrow before we leave around 8 am (ha ha ha) the picture will have to be a few days late. M is doing some serious sitting now, passes toys from hand to hand, reaches and scrapes toys towards herself, and has even made some forward progress using the “butt scootch” method. I don’t remember C playing by herself at this age, but M will play for a pretty long time if I set her up with some good toys.