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7 months + 6 days November 14, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 11:30 pm

Better late than never, right? Unfortunately the birthday cat shots did not go so great today—someone loved to push the cat out of the frame faster than I could get it set up and focus.











M is in a very fun stage right now. Stats wise, is still in her 6-9 month clothes. No teeth yet. She is super curious and must always be grabbing something—toys, hair, big sisters, whatever. She likes to grab the spoon when eating solids (and is eating about 14 or so different foods now)—I swear she can almost feed herself! She is pretty expressive and does a lot of grunting, babbling, and generally expresses her feelings well (and often, loudly). On the plane, she amused herself by chewing on the motion sickness bag until it disintegrated and then the passenger safety information card. Loves her bath, and will splash and get water everywhere—doesn’t even seem to mind water on her face or in her eyes. She loves banging her toys, putting things in and out, and moving stuff all around. She is starting to figure out that she can move too—today she scooted backwards on her butt about 3 feet. She sometimes achieves forward motion in the same manner. I will have to try to get a video of it—bouncing up and down, using her feet as a pivot point. She is strong—kicked me in the nose today while I was changing her diaper, and wow, it stung. Is constantly floating her hands around, as if she is conducting. Likes to engage G in a game where she smacks the table, and then he smacks it in the same pattern. She even varies the pattern. Loves to smile and smile at her daddy, go to be held by him, and then smile back at me. Trying to figure out kissing lips, but so far mostly just puffs out some air. Seems like the happiest baby ever.


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