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Snow Days December 20, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 9:53 pm

(Pretty excited about this new feature in Windows Live Writer to insert an album…)

C had snow days Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week—this despite the fact that there was *no snow* on Wednesday. The other days, I admit, there was some snow—but the real issue here is 1) no plowing and 2) no salt. G did go out and independently salt and shovel an intersection near our house though we still saw a car slid through and hit a fence (and break it…and then drive away as if it hadn’t happened). Anyway, the kids were happy to go outside on the snow days—M was chill about just sitting in the snow, eating a little bit, and didn’t even mind when C tried to bury her. C made snow angels, shoveled some snow to “help” G, and generally laughed it up. Took some convincing to get her outside on Friday for some reason—although allowing her to wear her nightgown helped (hey, snow day—sure, she was still in the nightgown at 3 pm).

Saturday we didn’t let a little snow in the forecast stop us from seeing the spectacular (and spectacularly expensive) Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker. It only took about 90 minutes to get home, and no one fell in the parking lot, although we did cancel plans to go out to dinner downtown. The snow is continuing to fall, so not sure what this will do to our Cleveland for Christmas flight tomorrow…

Anyway, glad to see the girls get some use out of their handknit winter hats. I have finished two sweaters recently (one for me, one for M) but pictures will have to wait.


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