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Some Snow December 25, 2008

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 7:41 pm

As you may have heard, Seattle has had some snow. Enough to cause three snow days home from school for C. Enough to snarl traffic, close streets, and completely screw over very nice folks who hope to fly elsewhere for Christmas. And it kept coming for days. They don’t plow here (or if they do, it is with rubber tipped plows that just pack the snow down), don’t salt, and sand only a little bit—and that is in the city, not where we are!

Anyway, here are some recent shots to give you an idea of what the snow is like here:





















(C on snow mound in front of house from where G shoveled the driveway, front and back views. It was big enough that she could slide about eight feet down it on a plastic box lid. And did so over and over again. Our backyard. M in front of the snow bunny I built out of snow that fell on the driveway between Dec. 23 afternoon and Dec. 24 morning.)

Tomorrow we make attempt 2 to reach Cleveland for the Christmas holiday. Our new tickets are not so great (flying through Toronto on the way out and through Philly on the way back, plus overall trip is cut short) and apparently the airport parking lot AND all surrounding off site parking lots are all full. Hopefully the car service really will show up at 5 am tomorrow, and hopefully our assortment of passports (good and expired), driver’s licenses and birth certificates will get us through Toronto without issue (Orbitz swears it is a domestic flight, but now we are getting worried). Sigh.

We have been to the Nutcracker, the airport (and back), grocery shopping, takeout picking up, and friends’ house, and only went off the road once (and just a 40 minute wait for a tow truck). Long live the Prius with chains!


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