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9 Months January 8, 2009

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Bright eyed and eager to play, someone sat for their nine-month birthday shot today. Despite a screwed up nap schedule, one shot and a heel stick at the doctors, and of course the Seattle 20 minutes of “light”, I think we got some good ones. Posed in one of those outfits that I would shudder to let her eat in, so was purchased just for photos. On sale, of course.

Hair still crazy, eyes still blue. A checkout person asked me the other day “Are her eyes going to stay blue?” Are they, not do I think they are…gee lady, I don’t know—they didn’t specify on the label. But I hope they do.

Weighed in at a paltry 17.5 lbs. today at the pediatrician’s and a surprising 28.5” long putting her height at 75% and weight at 25%. Trying not to worry too much about this one heading down the same road that C did (battling through one Failure to Thrive diagnoses was quite enough for me, thank you very much) and figuring that it is just her always on the go style that is burning those calories. Because trust me, this one likes to eat.








She is a crawling, playing machine, and has caught on to the fact that C has other, more interesting toys about like tiny pieces of foam and glue sticks. Has been gumming things and had a few nights of what I thought were pain cries, but the ped. says the teeth are no where near to popping through. Sigh. So we are still at zero teeth. She is constantly exploring, playing with sounds and gestures (claps and waves hi, and sometimes I think she is trying to burp me, with some firm back patting). Jewelry, glasses, and oddly enough, loose slippers or socks are not safe around her.

She was a champ for all our holiday travel, adapted her normal routine to east coast time in a few days and then back again as soon as we returned (naps around 9:15 and 12:30, goes to bed around 5:30).

M did a little modeling last weekend with the photographer who did our maternity and newborn shoot. It was for a local clothing company called Eight3One (none of the new photos up yet) and we scored a free onesie and photo out of the deal (so, not exactly a college education plan). You can see one of the photos up on the photographers blog:  Shutterbox Photos Blog.

Now, these monthly photos are supposed to be with the birthday cat, so that at the end of her first year (which is approaching WAY too fast) I will have a size comparison retrospective. Well, this one is too fast for me and completely spurning the affections of said cat.











So it goes.

Not exactly nine month related, but wanted to get a few Xmas photos up—the girls in their Xmas pjs (love me some Hanna Andersson) and with their favorite uncle (who hopefully will now have learned his lesson and will smile next time).