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Throwback January 13, 2009

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 8:56 pm

Last year I wanted a used sewing machine, and in just one day on Craig’s List G came through for me. No manual though, and threading those old machines is not very self-evident. Finally got around to buying a copy of the manual.



















These are some fine, urban ladies don’t you think? The slick business woman, the sexy date night woman (with that coy unbuttoned top button). The lady with the flowers seems very “Thanks Massengill”. My favorites of course are that sporty duo on the bottom. Just two friends out for a power walk, one with short shorts, knee socks, and I think side cleavage, and the other in what…her fat suit? Thinking, you bitch—no one told me we were getting sketched today! You can tell by the eyes—she is bitter.

Any feelings of urban hipster feelings are dissipated by the first page of the manual however:





Screw that, I am going downstairs to knit.