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This n That January 25, 2009

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1. Got a cat on 1/16. We (well, C and I) had been hoping for a cat for a while, and G finally agreed. He had enjoyed leaving town without having to worry about cat care, no litter in the laundry room, and no vet bills. But, he is a cat person at heart, and I knew he could be swayed. I just had to agree to do much of the litter changing. We told C on our family Christmas, but had to wait until we were all back in town.

First, we tried Meow, but it wasn’t a good fit for us. The sign saying “The cat was allergic so we got rid of the kid” was not a good omen. Their cats seemed to be mostly from feral litters, hoarders, and other non-ideal situations, with the result that cats that we picked to meet one on one in the private rooms would not come out of the corners. Also, G wanted a kitten and they refused to give us anything younger than 6 months due to the human baby in the house. We left there quite discouraged but continued on to the Humane Society.  This was much more our speed—just rooms of cats that you could go into without a guide and see what cat you liked. G and C quickly focused on a loving little kitty who came right up to them for petting. Her name was Boston, and that day was her 1st birthday. It seemed very serendipitous. I went out to complete the paperwork, and just as I had signed the last form, C came running out saying she did NOT want that cat. Too late, the cat was ours.

Luckily, C has warmed right up to her—Boston has slept in her room a few times. Although the cat cried the whole way home in the car, upon leaving the carrying case she examined the house and  has made herself right at home—snuggles, tolerates M’s “gentle petting”, etc. G, who had seemed wishy washy on the whole cat issue, was seen buying a monstrosity of a climbing tree (seriously, this thing is like zoo furniture. I keep expecting to see a lion on it, not an 8 lbs. cat). Unfortunately, Boston seems to have a variety of kennel cough and has already been to the vet twice and is on multiple antibiotics. Hopefully she will be better soon.








2. M has become a little crawling machine and can get across the floor pretty darn quick. She can sense any tiny objects (which seem to have been carefully spread throughout the house by C) and goes right for them. In the past week she also finally figured out how to reliably roll from back to front, as well as how to pull up to standing. No cruising yet, but it can’t be far off.











Also, she prefers to feed herself. Aim—not so good. I am doing a lot of laundry!











3. My new toy. M does not seem affected by my caffeine intake, so I have renewed my love of(and dependence upon) cappuccino. After a few days where the weather was such that I couldn’t drive to my normal places, G decided on the appropriate Christmas present. I have a few minor complaints about the setup of the frothing nozzle, but this baby makes a nice smooth cup for me reliably—and eventually will have earned its keep (sorry Starbucks and Mondo’s!)











4. Sisters. Tried to take advantage of some brief sun the other day and forced the girls to go to our little neighborhood park. C wanted to slide down the slide holding M. How could I resist?








5. Coming soon…updates on knitting (many things finished that I haven’t shown off), that new sewing hobby (the thought that perhaps my first project in 20-some years shouldn’t be a reversible skirt of my own design occurred a bit too late in the process. Luckily C is my biggest fan and said she would even wear pants if I made them!), a possible 15 minutes of fame for me and/or M, and much much more. For now, I’ve got litter to scoop, laundry to do, and sadly a sick kiddo who will probably stay home from school tomorrow.