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Me Likey February 26, 2009

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A few recent favorites:








Bread from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. This is the first loaf from my third batch of dough, and with the standing mixer…not sure if it is really just 5 minutes, but pretty close, and the house smells awesome and we have a perfect sized warm loaf of bread for dinner. 








Got a sprouter for my birthday and grew a pretty good sized harvest in about a week (maybe six cups of sprouts?) Unfortunately the harvest was timed for when G was out of town, so i ate a lot of hummus and sprout sandwiches. Need to get my second “planting” started.











The quintessential “chewing on a cheerio” face.












Little faces in big glasses. Also, days sunny enough to require sunglasses!








Brizilla, a Morphadoodle from Laborastory. This was a birthday gift from Grammy and Grampy—C got to draw her own doll/animal/creation and list personality traits. It was sent off to the company, and in about 2 months a very true-to-drawing doll was returned along with online story. This quickly became one of C’s favorite dolls.


The Other One February 16, 2009

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I feel like I am posting about M all the time…and poor C gets short shrift. Perhaps because C is at school during the day when there is most likely to be good  light for taking pictures? In any case, C continues to be quite the character.

Obsessed with princesses. Also, paper dolls and crafts for princesses and paper dolls.











She is not quite 5 1/3, but has been saying “I am almost 6” for about two months already. She is also very excited about being in “Prindergarten” next year.

Loves to read books, especially Berenstain Bears books. Is really liking the Muppet Show (although the DVD that we had from the library with Dudley Moore, John Cleese, and Peter Sellers got pretty old on the 10th day in a row of watching it when everyone was sick). Particularly fond of Miss Piggy, Pigs in Space, and the Diana Ross episode. Luckily, many of the skits seem to go over her head—including the one where Miss Piggy is pretending to be pregnant and talking about getting stood up at the altar, and the song with the chorus “cigarettes, whiskey, and wild wild women, they’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane.” I didn’t quite remember the Muppet Show being so…adult themed.

Prefers to stay inside, but can be harassed into outdoor excursions—particularly riding her bike about 20 feet to the local playground. She prefers to pack a picnic lunch with crackers and cheese and make everyone little sandwiches to eat once we arrive. I had hoped that eating with other kids at school would make her a less picky eater; instead, she regularly begs for Lunchables and fruit cups. Sigh. (2nd picture she is on the swings, although you can’t tell that.)











Is excited to “live at school” (i.e., go to college) where she is pretty sure you need to know how to read, and thinks that you “graduate and then you are an adult”. Regularly tells me that she loves me, but was heard the other day telling daddy that she loves him more than mommy. She also likes the story of the day we saw her heartbeat on the ultrasound at the doctor’s (if you don’t know the story, we had been told we were having a miscarriage and had gone in for confirmation, only to see the heartbeat instead) and reports that it is “daddy’s favorite day in his whole heart!”

Since infancy, we have tried to do a regular bedtime routine with C, involving me singing four songs—Train Whistle (something my dad used to sing to me), Lovely Baby (a 15 verse song created by me to sing her praises), Bear Went Over the Mountain, and Row Row Row Your Boat. So for more than five years, every night has ended that way and I was thinking it was very sweet. The other day C complained that I “sing the same boring songs over and over again!” and has been trying to trades songs for books now.

Poses for the camera.











At Christmas, I bought a skirt for C at a craft show downtown. Lately, I have been thinking that I should be able to make skirts like that myself—it is basically just a tube with elastic at one end. C has been quite excited about visiting fabric stores and picking out fabrics “can I get five of my very own today mommy?” She also wants me to make her four purses—one for books, one for school things, one for things she needs to carry around, and one for sunglasses. I have made three skirts so far, and one purse (and then another purse and two skirts for a friend of C’s). 











First skirt is shown with a “yoga” pose at the park, and is reversible. Skirts are of my own “design”, purse is from Bend the Rules Sewing.  Apologies for the crappy shots I took at night with the skirts draped over a chair. C and I have determined that I am ready to move onto a dress from a pattern, although we have some severe disagreements about what fabrics match each other and whether a five year old is in need of a “sparkly, black dress” with lots of glitter tulle. It is nice to have such a big fan who is so sure (inappropriately so, I fear) of my skill. She even happily wore the socks I knitted her to Jump Planet today.

Finally, C remains a wonderful older sister, although not so wonderful that she remembers to put away the glitter glue, jewels, pipe cleaner bits, doll house miniatures, and all the other things that somehow end up littered through the house for M to chew on. She loves to hug M, pick out books for her, and call her Missy (“You had better put that down Missy!”). Really, you couldn’t ask for better kids.


Late Breaking News February 10, 2009

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A tooth has been spotted! Tooth #1!! Just barely broken through, but hopefully that explains all the crying and waking up from last night.


10 months February 8, 2009

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Little M turned 10 months old today (and I turned 35, but that of course pales in comparison).

No official weight or height (although last weekend at the ped. she was 17 lbs. 14 oz.), no teeth, no walking, no real words yet.

It has been a tough month, with M sick for at least the last two weeks, and she still isn’t 100%. C has been sick as well, as have G and I, and even the cat. As I said, tough couple of weeks. M still has some congestion, but started eating solids again about five days ago (had been off solids for a bit) and is no longer waking up for a few unhappy hours in the middle of the night for crying and steamy bathroom time. We did end up at the weekend ped. last weekend when G told me I was “lying to myself” about how sick she was and off we went so that the ped. could give the official diagnoses of…bad cold. As I had said. Ahem.

Other than that, M is doing well. She commandeers the spoon during feeding time, has started on some finger foods (bits of cheese, peas, organic version of Cheerios, barley teething biscuits) and is figuring out a sippy cup of water.

She dances (well, bounces) to music, waves hi while squealing something that sounds a lot like the word, plays an incredibly cute hugging game with G, and spends most of the day getting into mischief. If there is a box around (kleenex, laundry basket of folded laundry, packing box with shredded paper in it, tupperware cabinet), M can have it unloaded in seconds. She also likes to take books off of shelves and ruffle the pages. The cat’s food and water have proved addicting, and I even watched the other day in horror as a wet piece of cat food dropped from her mouth. She crawls everywhere, can pull up to standing or into a bear type position, and pulls off her socks given the chance.











Favorite toys: 1. A green stick from a stacking cone toy she got for Christmas. Many days finds her crawling around, green stick in hand. 2. Her own socks. So good for chewing on, putting in the cat’s water dish, and hiding in the drawer under the oven. 3. The cat’s toys (see mylar ball in hand).











I’ve been trying to get her outside on the warmer days, and she is quite interested in digging in dirt and crawling on the grass. Trying to keep the Hygiene Hypothesis in mind and let her explore.








(The sweater she is wearing was the Christmas sweater I knit for her. Pretty proud of that one).

Closing with a few other favorite shots.