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10 months February 8, 2009

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Little M turned 10 months old today (and I turned 35, but that of course pales in comparison).

No official weight or height (although last weekend at the ped. she was 17 lbs. 14 oz.), no teeth, no walking, no real words yet.

It has been a tough month, with M sick for at least the last two weeks, and she still isn’t 100%. C has been sick as well, as have G and I, and even the cat. As I said, tough couple of weeks. M still has some congestion, but started eating solids again about five days ago (had been off solids for a bit) and is no longer waking up for a few unhappy hours in the middle of the night for crying and steamy bathroom time. We did end up at the weekend ped. last weekend when G told me I was “lying to myself” about how sick she was and off we went so that the ped. could give the official diagnoses of…bad cold. As I had said. Ahem.

Other than that, M is doing well. She commandeers the spoon during feeding time, has started on some finger foods (bits of cheese, peas, organic version of Cheerios, barley teething biscuits) and is figuring out a sippy cup of water.

She dances (well, bounces) to music, waves hi while squealing something that sounds a lot like the word, plays an incredibly cute hugging game with G, and spends most of the day getting into mischief. If there is a box around (kleenex, laundry basket of folded laundry, packing box with shredded paper in it, tupperware cabinet), M can have it unloaded in seconds. She also likes to take books off of shelves and ruffle the pages. The cat’s food and water have proved addicting, and I even watched the other day in horror as a wet piece of cat food dropped from her mouth. She crawls everywhere, can pull up to standing or into a bear type position, and pulls off her socks given the chance.











Favorite toys: 1. A green stick from a stacking cone toy she got for Christmas. Many days finds her crawling around, green stick in hand. 2. Her own socks. So good for chewing on, putting in the cat’s water dish, and hiding in the drawer under the oven. 3. The cat’s toys (see mylar ball in hand).











I’ve been trying to get her outside on the warmer days, and she is quite interested in digging in dirt and crawling on the grass. Trying to keep the Hygiene Hypothesis in mind and let her explore.








(The sweater she is wearing was the Christmas sweater I knit for her. Pretty proud of that one).

Closing with a few other favorite shots. 


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